Advice for Getting Started in Genealogy & Family History Research
- Daryl Povey -


The death of parents often triggers family history research. Be ready for surprises!
Our grandmothers, Martha BRINDLEY (left) from Hotspur & Rachel BURGESS (right) from Digby, worked together at "Wilderness" Station near Coleraine, south-west Victoria, Australia in the 1890s prior to their marriages in 1894!
A page with links to a few web pages with advice and guidance on how to commence your family history research and family history programs for a computer. Many of the links also contain advice suitable for more advanced researchers.

Websites with advice on Family History Research

Articles for "Ballarat Link"
"Beginning to use the Internet for Family History Research" is one of the growing list of articles compiled by Jenny Burrell for the Ballarat & District Genealogical Society newsletter "Ballarat Link".

Australian Government : Family History
A list of Australian Government websites with advice on their use in family history research.

National Library of Australia : Family History & Genealogy Links
These Australian sites contain a variety of information relating to family history and genealogy including guides, indexes and digitised images of documents. They also provide links to other informative sites both in Australia and overseas and pathways to make contact with other family historians via indexed family trees, mailing lists and bulletin boards.

Beginning Your Family History: Advice from the A.I.G.S.
In Australia many of us have originated in other parts of the world. Regardless of where your family came from, it is possible to find records of your ancestors and discover how they lived. Join us in a fascinating and enthralling voyage of discovery.

"Treasure Maps" Advice
How-to get started on your Family History. The Five Steps...

"Oban Vale" Carapook
Alan & Amy POVEY, Carapook, 1943. Children had to wait until after the war!
Getting Started in Genealogy and Family History: GENUKI Advice
Develop a plan. Think about which lines to follow. You have two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, and so on. You have to draw the lines somewhere. You can use your time better if you develop a plan to guide you.

Getting Started Help - Janet Reakes
10 commonsense rules when starting to trace your family tree.

Getting Started in Family History -
You feel a desire to research your family tree. But where do you start? You sense a need for direction and advice. But there are so many beginners' guides out there that you do not know which way to turn...

Genealogy Guide UK
Welcome to the Genealogy Guide, where you can find useful advice regarding family history and ancestry in the UK.
Genealogy involves studying and tracing family pedigrees, with the purpose of tracking down ancestors, creating a family tree or learning about family history. If you are interested in genealogy then this is the place to find out about the different sources available to help you learn about your family history.

"Rosedale" Carapook Daryl & Bruce Povey
After WW2 there was time at "Rosedale" Carapook for Alan & Amy POVEY to have two boys, Daryl & Bruce.
Bev Qualheim's Advice
When I began my interest in Family History research, I had very little to go on; a few names I remember my mom and dad talking about. Then a couple more names from an old family Bible my Aunt Mary had. So my search has been from scratch, and has often led to dead ends, even after 20 years. Why would anyone be interested in pursuing such a hobby you might ask? Well, in spite of dead ends, I have also been able to find information on several lines way back into the 1100's and father back with Royal lines as history recorded them. I have found new 'cousins'. I have cheered out loud as I discovered a brand new name to add to my ever growing family. It is an amazing journey that branches out just like a glorious oak tree. It's arms reaching upward and it's roots firm, keeping my family grounded in many ways. Many people have asked how they can begin this journey and I would like to give you some ideas of how to do this. - Advice
This well known web site divides family history research into the following 6 basic steps and details each of them:
Step 1. Remember Your Ancestors.
Step 2. Use Sources in Your Home.
Step 3. Ask Relatives for Information.
Step 4. Choose a family or Ancestor You Want to Learn More About.
Step 5. See If Someone Else Has Already Found the Information.
Step 6. Search Records For Your Ancestor.

"Beginners Guides, Hints & Tips" - Cyndi's List
This is an extensive set of links which will need considerable time to explore but may be well worth a number of return visits.

Downloadable & Printable Forms and Lists - Cyndi's List
There are many links on this section of Cyndi's Lists to web sites with downloadable or printable examples of forms and lists for recording your family history details.

Genealogy & The Internet - Susie Zada
"When you first use the Internet for your Family History research, you will be absolutely overwhelmed, don't let this put you off. Take a deep breath, slow down, and start again in bite size pieces. There are now so many aspects of the Internet that you can use, and so many exciting leads to follow, you will probably have a headache after your first couple of attempts."

Recording Family History on Your Computer or Charts

Charts are a simple visual method for sumarising the results of your family tree research. The following site has a range of free printable templates which may be useful...

Casterton New Cemetery (some Carapook graves) Free Printable Blank Family Trees

Specialist family history programs have become very popular for recording family history. Most will even store images linked to individuals and print our reports in a variety of formats.

Links to a few of the popular programs are listed below. A number of websites will allow you to download a copy of the program for testing on your computer.

SOURCES - always record the source of your information.

BACK-UP - if you use a computer, always back-up your data and keep a copy or copies away from your computer or notebook computer in case of disaster. Remember the TIME you have invested into recording your data!

Genealogy Software Review : 2112
Millions of people have adopted genealogy as a hobby and even as a passion. People discover a sense of self-identity and family pride through uncovering their family's legacy. Genealogical research of your ancestral roots can bring your current family together by creating a project to which everyone can contribute. Whatever your reason for researching the past, genealogy software can become your most valuable tool. We found our top genealogy software products, Family Tree Maker, Legacy and RootsMagic 2011 to be especially valuable.


Family Tree Maker

Personal Ancestral File (PAF)

Family Origins

Roots Magic

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