Carapook, Bruk Bruk & Beerik Land Leases : 1865
Casterton - Coleraine
Glenelg & Wannon Region, S-W Victoria, Australia
Carapook, Bruk Bruk & Beerik Land Leases : 1865
"Portland Guardian & Normanby General Advertiser" (Vic.) Monday, 28th August 1865.
LEASES.--The following Leases having been executed by the Board of Land and Works, under the provisions of the 12th, 13th, and 14th sections of The Amending Land Act 1865, the same and counterparts thereof, respectively, have been forwarded to, and are now lying at the respective Receipt and Pay Offices as undermentioned for execution by the lessees, and the said lessees are hereby required to execute the same forthwith.
J. M. GRANT, President of the Board of Lands and Works.
Office of Board of Lands and Works, Melbourne, 18th August, 1865.
  • Bryan, Jas., 413a 1r 4p, Carapook;
  • Cawker, Thos., 102a 3r 0p, Carapook;
  • Rottejer, Johann, 127a 2r 31p, Carapook;
  • Smith, Mary, Willhelhimia, 93a 3r 11p, Carapook;
  • Fitzgerald Bryan, 464a 3r 7p, Carapook;
  • Kennedy, Alexander, 117a 2r 34p, Carapook;
  • Koch, Charles Joseph, 325a 2r 30p, Carapook;
  • Tully, William, 464a 0r 13p, Carapook;
  • Davis, William, 566a 3r 34p, Carapook;
  • Avery, William, 177a 2r 13p, Carapook;
  • Macdonald, Dougald, 639a 0r 31p Carapook;
  • Ripper, John, 177a 3r 0p, Carapook;
  • White, Patrick, 374a 2r 21p, Carapook;
  • Rhodes, William, 397a 0r 24p, Carapook;
  • Hadden, David, 88a 1r 27p, Carapook;
  • Holzgreffe, Wilhelm, 346a 2r 12p, Carapook;
  • Welch, James, 143a 3r 33p, Carapook;
  • McNeill, Allan, 355a 1r 13p, Carapook;
  • Bell, John, 448a 3r 0p, Carapook;
  • Maroney, Patrick, 95a 0r 39p, Carapook;
  • Stevenson, Wm., 458a 1r 31p, Carapook;
  • Molloy, Laurence, 107a 2r 24p, Carapook;
  • McCahill, Hugh 549a 2r 22p, Carapook;
  • Forbes, David, 290a 0r 20p, Carapook;
  • Kronek, Richard, 115a 2r 36p, Carapook;
  • McLennan, Duncan, 384a 2r 1p, Carapook;
  • Beath, Jno., 495a 3r 31p, Carapook;
  • McInnes, Alexr., 396a 3r 18p, Carapook;
  • Doyle, Jas., 352a 2r 31p, Carapook;
  • Stock, John, 407a 1r 13p, Carapook;
  • Heiller, Thos., 329a, Thomas, Jno., 438a 3r 0p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Beath, David Alex., 607a 2r 4p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Byron, Andw. Kahan, 408a 2r 39p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Finn, Thomas, 334a 1r 3p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Francis, Wm., 556a 3r 31p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Penrose, Joseph, 453a 0r 24p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Hutton, Robt., 378a 2r 5p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Hardingham, Chas., 363a 1r 19p, Bruk-bruk;
  • McLachlan, Lachlan, 343a 1r 25p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Bivioun, Samuel, 349a 0r 7p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Simmons, Jas., 357a 3r 25p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Bates, Chas., 321a 0r 9p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Keeping, Geo., 480a 0r 30p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Hardwicke, Chas., 373a 0r 3p, Bruk-bruk;
  • McLean, Jno., 291a 1r 2p, Bruk-bruk;
  • McLean, Archibald, 344a 2r 39p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Raschke, Daniel, 340n 2r 24p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Friend, Frederick, 381a 0r 28p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Maybery, John, 377a 3r 8p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Singleton, John Wesley, 526a 1r 19p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Neaves, William. 89a 0r 28p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Stern, Samuel, 321a 3r 14p, Bruk-bruk
  • Payne, Charles Edwd., 342a 1r 28p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Wilburn, William, 615a 0r 32p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Byron, Michael, 384a 0r 4p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Britt, Cornelius, 426a 2r 36p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Cahill, Jas., 319a 0r 36p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Wellington, Wm., 344a 0r 1p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Vivian, Thomas, 340a 2r 28p, Beerik;
  • Power, Kiran, 412a 3r 16p, Beerik;
  • Moylan, Michael, 566a 3r 16p, Beerik;
  • Hudspeth, Thomas, 350a 3rd 12p, Beerik;
  • Fitzgerald, Maurice, 122a lr 32p, Beerik;
  • Keeping, John, 159a 1r 38p, Beerik;
  • Macguire, James, 108a 2r 9p;
  • Matheson, Alexander, 392a 3r 34p, Beerik;
  • Lindner, Johann Dinnegot, 368a 0r 8p, Beerik;
  • Chisholm. Roderick (the younger) 394a 2r 28p, Beerik;
  • Dunbar, John, 348a 1r 34p, Beerik;
  • McLachlan, Alexander, 527a 3r 15p, Beerik;
  • Chisholm, William, 358a 2r 38p, Beerik;
  • Maloney, Denis, 490a 3r 39p, Beerik;
  • McLean, James Ewan, 362a 3r 20p, Beerik;
  • Nicholls, George John, 589a 2r 8p, Beerik;
  • Moore, Samuel, 394a 1r 22p, Beerik;
  • Hinneberg, Frederich, 415a 3r 0p, Beerik;
  • Hannah, John, 430a 2r 35p, Beerik;
  • Niewand, Hienrich, 169a 3r 4p, Beerik;
  • Buckley, Julia Frances, 324a 3r 28p, Beerik;
  • Riley, Albert, 330a 2r 24p, Beerik;
  • Cain, Francis, 455a 1r 30p Beerik;
  • McKenzie, Jas., 480a 2r 34p, Beerik;
  • Smith, Alexr., 359a 3r 4p, Beerik;
  • Dwyer, Jeremiah, 344a 0r 8p, Beerik;
  • Johns, Jas., 107a 3r 28p, Beerik;
  • Bilston, Henry, 407a 1r 12p, Beerik;
  • Shelley, Patrick, 230a 3r 12p, Beerik;
  • Edmonds, Jno., 136a 0r 34p, Beerik;
  • McCarthy, Annie, 471a 3r 12p, Beerik;
  • Ryan, William, 163a 0r 36p, Beerik;
"Portland Guardian and Normanby General Advertiser" (Vic.) Monday, 4th September 1865.
LEASES TO CERTIFICATE HOLDERS.--The following leases (and counterparts) of land selected under the 23rd and 24th sections of the Land Act 1862, and the 7th section of The Amending Land Act 1865, have been forwarded to the respective Receipt and Pay Offices undermentioned. The several lessees are informed that they must call and execute their leases within one month from this date.
J. M. GRANT, President of the Board of Land and Works.
Lands and Survey Office, Melbourne, 24th August, 1865.
  • Baylis, James, 213a 3r 21p, Carapook;
  • O'Niel, William, 109a 0r 22p Carapook;
  • Hill, Wm. Suffield, 262a 2r 1p, Carapook;
  • Heron, Thomas, 203a 0r 32p, Bruk-bruk;
  • Laurie, Alexr. Harvey, 152a 1r 24p, Bruk-bruk;
  • McFarlane, Walter, 307a 0r 1p, Bruk-bruk;
  • McDonald, John 90a 2r 16p, Beerik;
  • St. John, Frederick, 193a 0r 16p, Beerik;
  • Fletcher, Robert, 197a 1r 32p, Beerik;
  • Jenkins, Allan, 303a 2r 16p, Beerik;

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