William BYRNE 1859-1920 & Winifred Mary FEELEY 1863-1930

Haddon, Ballarat & "Blackwood Farm", Bellavista, Carapook, Vic, Aus

William BYRNE, b. 1859, Ballarat, Australia son of Michael BYRNE and Theresa THOMPSON was married in 1883 to Winifred Mary FEELEY, b. 1863, Scarsdale, Victoria, dau of James FEELEY and Winifred HAYDEN.

In 1913 William BYRNE and family were recorded as living at "Blackwood Farm", Bella Vista, Carapook. This places them as one of the families operating the model dairy farms (article in "The Pastoralist Magazine", December 1912) set up by Norman & Jack McDONALD of "Bella Vista".

William BYRNE & Winifred FEELEY had the following known family:

  1. Eliza Margaret BYRNE b. 1884, Sago Hill (Haddon), Vic, m. ___ BAIN
  2. Mary Ellen BYRNE b. 1886, Sago Hill (Haddon), Vic, m. John Thomas RYAN
  3. Winifred BYRNE b. 1887, Haddon, Vic, m. Ronald Mohn McDONNELL
  4. William BYRNE b. 1888, Haddon, Vic, m.
  5. Theresa Magdalene BYRNE b. 1890, Haddon, Vic, m. James Patrick MURPHY
  6. Elsie Gertrude BYRNE b. 1892, Haddon, Vic, m. Walter O'CONNELL
  7. Thomas Patrick BYRNE b. 1893, Haddon, Vic, m. Mary Veronica GILBO
  8. Anne Elizabeth BYRNE b. 1895, Haddon, Vic, m. ___ DOOLEY
  9. Julia Alphonsus BYRNE b. 1897, Haddon, Vic, m. Patrick Joseph HACKETT
  10. Rose Agatha BYRNE b. 1898, Haddon, Vic, m. James Laurence STEVENSON
  11. Aileen Bridget BYRNE b. 1901, Haddon, Vic, d. 1928
  12. James Bryan BYRNE b. 1903, Haddon, Vic, d. 1948
  13. John BYRNE b. 1906, d. 1906, Haddon, Vic.