Alexander Clayhills CAMERON 1823-1874
Janet "Jessie" ROBERTSON 1828-1895

Dundee, Scotland ; "Kongbool" Station, Balmoral & "Satimer" Station, Bruk Bruk, S-W Victoria, Australia

Alexander Clayhills CAMERON, b. 1823, Dundee, Angus (was Forfarshire), Scotland son of William CAMERON and Elspeth WILSON was married in 1858 at Portland, Australia to Janet "Jessie" ROBERTSON, b. 1828 Badenoch, Inverness, Scotland daughter of Duncan ROBERTSON and Margaret STEWART.

Alexander and Jessie CAMERON had a number of children at "Kongbool" station, Balmoral and "Satimer" station, north-west of Carapook in South-Western Victoria..

Alexander Clayhills CAMERON & Janet "Jessie" ROBERTSON had the following known family:

  1. Margaret Ann CAMERON b. 1860, Balmoral, Vic, ..............?

  2. Wilson CAMERON b. 1862, "Kongbool" station, Balmoral, Vic, d. 1931 m. Charlotte WALKER 1857-1949 [lived at Kilmore & Hawthorn, Victoria; 4 sons served in WW1, 1 KIA at "The Nek" Gallipoli, 1 awarded the Military Medal in France]

  3. James Alexander CAMERON b. 1863, "Satimer" station, Wando Vale, S-W Vic, .............?

  4. Jessie CAMERON b. 1865, "Satimer" station, Wando Vale, S-W Vic, d. 1943, m. George Oliphant DUNCAN 1860-___?

  5. Ann CAMERON b. 1867, "Satimer" station, Wando Vale, S-W Vic, ...........?

  6. Duncan Angus CAMERON b. 1869, "Satimer" station, Wando Vale, S-W Vic, d. 1941, Chatswood, NSW, m...........?

  7. Mary Robertson CAMERON b. 1871, "Satimer" Station, Wando Vale, S-W Vic, (twin), d. 1956

  8. Edith Emilie CAMERON b. 1871, "Satimer" Station, Wando Vale, S-W Vic, (twin), d. 1945, South Australia, m. Samuel Fordham GRIEVE 1861-1911

  9. Alexandrina CAMERON b. 1873, "Satimer" Station, Wando Vale, S-W Vic, d. 1957, Adelaide, South Australia, m. Walter Alexander PATTERSON 1861-1942

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