George DAVIS 1831-1908 & Catherine MULLEN 1830-1906

Penola, SA, Dartmoor, Carapook & Coleraine, Victoria, Australia

George DAVIS, b. 1831, London, England, son of Samuel DAVIS and ____ was married in 1859 at the Catholic Church, Penola, South Australia to Catherine MULLEN, b. 1830, Co Limerick, Ireland, daughter of John MULLEN and ______.

According to the marriage entry for one of his children George DAVIS was a labourer on "Muntham Station" at Carapook. Children's births were registered at Harrow, Horsham, Dartmoor, Dunrobin and Casterton.

George died in Hamilton in 1908 and Catherine at Coleraine in 1906.

George DAVIS & Catherine MULLEN had the following known family...

  1. Henry James DAVIS, b. 1860, Harrow, Vic, .............?
  2. Samuel Henry DAVIS, b. 1860, Horsham, Vic, d. 1883.
  3. Edith Elizabeth DAVIS, b. 1863, Dunrobin (nr Casterton), Vic, m. 1885 to Michael HERLIHY
  4. Mary Ann DAVIS, b. 1865, Casterton, Vic, m. 1888 to Edward HUTCHINS 1865-1933
  5. George John DAVIS, b. 1868, Dartmoor, Vic, ..........?
  6. Catherine Jane DAVIS, b. 1869, Dartmoor, Vic, m. 1889 to William HUTCHINS 1868-1942