Alfred James DIMOND c.1830-1922

& Caroline RICKETTS c.1825-1869

& Eliza BEST c.1847-1925

Gloucestershire, England ; 1852 "Muntham" Station, Carapook and Portland, Victoria, Australia

Alfred James DIMOND c.1830-1922, b. Bristol, England son of James DIMOND and Jane PARFITT was married in 1851, Gloucestershire, England to Caroline RICKETTS c.1825-1869, b. Gloucestershire, England, daughter of Robert RICKETTS and __?__. This couple arrived at Portland, Victoria from England on the "Tasmania" in 1851 and were employed at Edward HENTY's "Muntham" Station" where a child was born in 1852.

They appear to have moved to Portland by 1854 where 8 more children were born 1854-1869. Alfred'd wife Caroline died in 1869 and Alfred married again in 1872 to Eliza BEST c.1847-1925, b. Co Cavan, Ireland, daughter of William BEST and Letitia WILSON who had arrived at Portland from England in 1856 on the "General Hewett". Alfred and Eliza had 4 children at Portland 1873-1882.

Alfred died at Portland in 1922 and his second wife Eliza died at Heywood, north of Portland in 1925 and they are both buried in the old North Portland cemetery.

Alfred James DIMOND & Caroline RICKETTS had the following known family:

  1. Alfred James DIMOND 1852-1922, b. "Muntham" Station, Carapook, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1877 Victoria to Bessie GALLIN c1852-1938, b. England to John GALLIN and Elizabeth CODD; d. Cohuna, Victoria.
  2. William Robert DIMOND 1854-1883, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Portland, Victoria.
  3. Emily Ann DIMOND 1856-1856, b. and d. Portland, Victoria.
  4. Henry DIMOND 1858-1858, b. and d. Portland, Victoria.
  5. Charles DIMOND 1859-1860, b. and d. Portland, Victoria.
  6. Amelia DIMOND 1861-1862, b. and d. Portland, Victoria.
  7. Arthur DIMOND 1862-1922, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Claremont, Western Australia; m.1 1897 Victoria to Elizabeth POLAND 1864-2898, b. Portland, Victoria to William POLAND and Elizabeth CALVERT; d. Claremont, Western Australia; m.2 1902 Perth Western Australia to Annie BEST c.1866-1942, b. ..?.. to ..?..; d. Claremont, Western Australia; 4 children.
  8. Joseph DIMOND 1865-1881, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Portland, Victoria.
  9. Emily DIMOND 1869-1869, b. and d. Portland, Victoria.

Alfred James DIMOND & Eliza BEST had the following known family:

  1. Frederick John DIMOND 1873-1943, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Perth, Western Australia; m. 1907 Western Australia to Mary Agnes WARD 1873-1959, b. Portland, Victoria to Thomas James WARD and Eleanor Rebecca JONES; d. Perth, Western Australia; 2 children.
  2. Frank DIMOND 1875-1945, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Portland, Victoria; m. 1901 Victoria to Elizabeth Emma ALLEN 1879-1954, b. Portland, Victoria to Charles ALLEN and Jane McDONALD; d. Portland, Victoria; 2 children.
  3. James DIMOND 1880-1950, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Portland, Victoria; m. Charlotte Lucy POTTER 1880-1952, b. Minyip, Victoria to Edward POTTER and Jane WHITE; d. Melbourne, Victoria; 3 children.
  4. George Best DIMOND 1882-1954, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. Ada Theresa LOVELL 1883-1963, b. Heywood, Victoria to Alfred Claude LOVELL and Bridget FALLON; d. Melbourne, Victoria.

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