William HUTTON ca 1837-1916 & Mary Anne HARRY 1848-24

"Spring Hill" Farm, Bruk Bruk, Carapook, Vic, Aus

William HUTTON, b. 1837, Dumferline, Fife, Sct son of David HUTTON and Janet HUTTON was married in 1871 at ____, Victoria to Mary Anne HARRY, b. 1848 Cornwall, England, dau of Richard HARRY and Mary JELBART.

William & Mary Anne HUTTON had a farm known as "Spring Hill" Farm in the parish of Bruk Bruk and it appears that this is weher most of their children were born between 1872 and 1888.

It appears that William HUTTON lost considerable assets in the fire of 1900 at Carapook.

William HUTTON & Mary Anne HARRY had the following known family:

  1. Mary HUTTON b. 1872, Bruk Bruk, Vic,
  2. David HUTTON b. 1874, Bruk Bruk, Vic, m. Mary BETTS
  3. Richard Francis HUTTON b. 1875, Bruk Bruk, Vic, m. Annie RYAN
  4. Janet HUTTON b. 1877, Bruk Bruk, Vic, m. Abraham PARKER
  5. Elizabeth HUTTON b. 1878, Bruk Bruk, Vic, m. David Robert KNIGHT
  6. William HUTTON b. 1880, Bruk Bruk, Vic, m. Ethel GUNDRY
  7. Lilias HUTTON b. 1882, Bruk Bruk, Vic, m. Andrew GASKIN
  8. Ellen HUTTON b. 18, Bruk Bruk, Vic, m. ___ BALMAIN
  9. Robert Lowe HUTTON b. 1885, Bruk Bruk, Vic, m. Gracie Annie FLOWERS
  10. Martha HUTTON b. 1887, Bruk Bruk, Vic, m. ___ HORROCKS
  11. James Bruce HUTTON b. 1888, Bruk Bruk, Vic,