Edward LANDER ca 1811-1895 & Mary Ann SIMPSON 1809-1898

Nottingham, England, France and South Australia

Descendants at Carapook, Victoria in the 1860s

Edward LANDER, b. 1811, Nottinghamshire, England son of John Hudden LANDER and Mary Ann LITTLE was married in 1830 in Nottinghamshire to Mary Ann SIMPSON, b. 1809 Nottinghamshire, England, daughter of ____ and ____.

The LANDER family emigrated to South Australia in 1848 on the "Harpley" and some of their children settled at Carapook in Victoria in the 1860s before moving on to New South Wales. This LANDER family is linked to the Lacemakers of Calais for which there is an external web site to the Australian Society of the Lacemakers of Calais. The Honorary Secretary being Richard LANDER, a descendant from this family group.

Edward LANDER & Mary Ann SIMPSON had the following known family:

  1. Mary Ann LANDER b. 1830, Nottinghamshire, England

  2. Harriet Little LANDER b. 1833, Nottinghamshire, England

  3. Mary Ann LANDER b. 1833, Nottinghamshire, England m. John OTTAWAY (13 children born in South Australia)

  4. Edward LANDER b. 1834, Nottinghamshire, England m. Sarah Jane HARRISON (5 children born in South Australia)

  5. John Hudden LANDER b. 1837, Nottinghamshire, England m. Eliza Matilda KOOK (4 children probably born at or near Carapook, another 10 born in News South Wales)

  6. Emma LANDER b. 1840, Nottinghamshire, England m. Benjamin BOOTHEY (13 children born in South Australia)

  7. Rosina LANDER b. 1843, Pas-de-Calais, France, m. Thomas TEMPLETON (12 children born near Coleraine, Victoria)

  8. Clara LANDER b. 1845, Pas-de-Calais, France, m. Robert CHAPMAN (7 children born in the Carapook area)

  9. Adelaide LANDER b. 1848, at sea on "Harpley", d. 1949 SA.

  10. Herbert LANDER b. 1851, Thebarton, SA, m. Christina McINTYRE