Thomas LEWIS ca 1809-1874 & Rebecca BRAHAM c1825-1907

Sussex, England; Tasmania, "Muntham", "Merino Downs", Sandford & Bahgallah, Vic, Aus

Thomas LEWIS was b. ca 1809, near Brighton, Sussex, England son of Hugh LEWIS and Elizabeth ___ was married in 1842 in Green Ponds, Tasmania to Rebecca BRAHAM, b. c1825 Suffolk, England, dau of William BRAHAM and Sarah KNIGHT.

Thomas and Rebecca LEWIS left Tasmania, and landed at Portland, Victoria where they made their way to Mr Henty's property, "Muntham" Station. During the following years they moved from there to the Henty property at "Merino Downs", then to Sandford, and finally to Bahgallah.

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Thomas LEWIS & Rebecca BRAHAM had the following known family:

  1. William LEWIS b. 1843, Green Ponds, Tasmania, d. 1970, Coleraine (Bullock driver who drowned in the Coleraine flood of 28 Oct 1870)
  2. Sarah Rebecca LEWIS b. c1846, ___, m. Isaac JONES
  3. Thomas LEWIS b. c1847, Launceston, Tasmania, m. Alice LEY (Large family in the Casterton & Strathdownie area)
  4. George LEWIS b. 1851, Portland, Vic, m. Mary Ann MURRELL (large family in the Casterton & Sandford area)
  5. Eliza LEWIS b. 1853, Sandford, Vic, m. William Thomas MILLARD
  6. John LEWIS b. 1856, Vic, m. Ann Elizabeth COLLINGBURN
  7. Elizabeth LEWIS b. 1860, Harrow, Vic, m. Thomas HODGETTS
  8. Edward LEWIS b. 1861, Sandford, Vic, ___ ??
  9. Charles Henry LEWIS b. 1864, Casterton, Vic, m. Virtue BEST
  10. Mary Ann LEWIS b. 1868, Sandford, Vic, m. George STONE