James McCLURE 1843-1914
Margaret McLACHLAN c.1843-1898

Melbourne, Port Phillip ; "Muntham" Station, Carapook ; Natimuk ; Birchip, Victoria Australia

James McCLURE 1843-1914, b. Melbourne, Port Phillip (Victoria), son of John Scott McCLURE and Jean McCORD; d. Birchip, Victoria; married in 1865 ___, Victoria to Margaret McLACHLAN c.1843-1898, b. Corpach, near Fort William, Scotland, daughter of Donald Lewis McLACHLAN and Ann McDONALD; d. Watchupga, Malee, Victoria.

James and Margaret McCLURE had at a number of children at "Muntham" Station 1866-1872, before moving north to the Natimuk and Mount Arapiles area of Western Victoria. By 1898 they were at Watchupga in the Maller region when Margaret died. James died at Birchip, Victoria in 1914. James McLURE was a brother of Margaret McCLURE 1841-1930, who married John McCREDDIN and who also had children in the 1870s at "Muntham" Station.

James McCLURE & Margaret McLACHLAN had the following known family:

  1. Annie McCLURE 1866-1957, b. "Muntham" Station, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1886 to James McLEAN c.1856-1931, b. Penshurst, Victoria to James McLEAN and Christian McRAE; d. Nyah, Victoria.
  2. John "Jock" McCLURE 1867-1932. b. "Muntham" Station, Victoria; of Narrandera, NSW; d. Midgeon, NSW; m. 1894 to Elizabeth Emily ELSOM 1870-1945, b. Cavendish, Victoria to William ELSOM and Elizabeth McDONALD; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  3. Jane McCLURE 1870-1951, b. "Muntham" Station, Victoria; d. Birchip, Victoria; m. 1911 to Edward John LIGHT 1869-1921, b. Cavendish, Victoria to Edward LIGHT and Isabella McFADYEN; d. St Arnaud, Victoria.
  4. Donald Lewis McCLURE 1872-..?.., b. "Muntham" Station, Victoria; d. ...?...
  5. Sarah McCLURE 1874-1960, b. Horsham, Victoria; d. Warrnambool, Victoria; m. 1897 to Arthur HOLLAND 1874-1952, b. Ballarat, Victoria to Henry HOLLAND and Sarah GAGEN; d. Warrnambool, Victoria.
  6. Lilian McCLURE 1877-1950, b. Natimuk, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1902 to Thomas ATKINSON 1866-1908, b. Edenhope, Victoria to Thomas ATKINSON and Margaret CRAWFORD; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  7. Hugh McCLURE 1879-1942, b. Natimuk, Victoria; d. Finley, NSW; m. ...?...
  8. Robert Glasgow McCLURE 1880-1882, b. and d. Natimuk, Victoria.
  9. Mary Annabella McCLURE 1883-1983, b. Natimuk, Victoria; d. Swan Hill, Victoria; m. 1905 to Oly James Isaac MANNS ...?...
  10. David McCLURE 1885-1934, b. Mount Arapiles, Victoria; d. Swan Hill, Victoria; m. ...?...

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