John MENZIES c1845-? & Elizabeth Maud LOWE c1845-?

Isle of Mull, Sct; Guernsey, CI; Carapook, Vic; Mt Gambier, SA

John Menzies, son of Duncan MENZIES and Margaret McCULLOGH, from the Isel of Mull, Scotland married Elizabeth Maude LOWE from Guernsey, Channel Islands in 1870.

John MENZIES, a blacksmith of Carapook, was one of the signatures to the 1875 petition aimed at establishing a new school at Carapook. From the birth of children it would appear this family moved from Carapook to near Mt Gambier in South Australia in the 1880s.

Another Carapook family of this period was that of Hugh WOODALL and his wife Scotia MENZIES, who was a sister of John MENZIES.

John MENZIES and Elizabeth Maude LOWE had the following children:

  1. Duncan Herbert MENZIES b. 1871, Alandale East, SA m. Alice HUTCHESSON
  2. George MENZIES b. 1872, Casterton
  3. Margaret MENZIES b. 1875, Casterton
  4. John Alexander MENZIES b. 1875, Casterton, m1. Mary Ellen BEST, m2 Olive Elizabeth BATES
  5. Donald MENZIES b. 1877, Casterton, m. Charlotte NORTHEN
  6. Archibald MENZIES b. 1879, Casterton, m. Mary Elizabeth NORTHEN
    • WW1 1st AIF, Dvr 1581, 9th Light Horse Regiment
    • enlisted 15th Sep 1915
    • served in Middle East (Egypt, Syria, Beirut)
    • RTA 16th Mar 1919
  7. Elizabeth Maud MENZIES b. 1882, Casterton, m. Charles ASHLEY
  8. Kate MENZIES b. 1885, Mt Gambier, SA, m. Thomas KEEGAN
  9. William Edward MENZIES b. 1887, Yahl, Mt Gambier, SA, m. Sarah BRUCE
  10. Ernest MENZIES b. 1889, Yahl, Mt Gambier, SA
  11. Glen Hector MENZIES b. 1893, Yahl, Mt Gambier, SA, m. Laura HASTINGS
  12. Gertrude MENZIES b. 1896, Mt Gambier, SA, m. Frederick CHANT

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