William PEARCE 1821-1881 & Ann WATTS 1837-1896

Kybybolite, South Australia & "Paradise Farm", Carapook, Vic, Aus

William PEARCE, b. 1821 Dover, Kent, England, son of Stewart Peter PEARCE & Louisa BARTON was married in 1855 at the Parsonage-on-the-Wannon, Victoria to Ann WATTS, b. 1837 Norfolk England, Daughter of John WATTS & Frances COBB.

It appears from the births of their children that they lived at Kybybolite in South Australia before moving to Carapook in the late 1860s.

William PEARCE and Ann WATTS had the following known family:

  1. Louisa PEARCE b. 1857, South Australia, m. Frederick CHESLETT

  2. Frances PEARCE b. 1859, South Australia, m. John "Irish Johnny" CRAIG

  3. Emma PEARCE b. 1861, South Australia, m. Richard Charles d'HENNIN

  4. Edith Jane PEARCE b. 1862, Border Town, SA, m. John BEATON

  5. Charles Walter PEARCE b. 1864, South Australia, m. Christina GUNNING

  6. Frederick William PEARCE b. 1865, ____, m. Eliza Ann Agnes RENNEY

  7. Herbert Watts PEARCE b. 1868, Co of Dundas, Vic, m. Elizabeth SANDS

  8. Basil PEARCE b. 1870, Coleraine, Vic, m. Mary Ellen KING

  9. Alice Maud PEARCE b. 1872, Coleraine, Vic, m. John Henry CARTER

  10. John George PEARCE b. 1874 Co of Dundas, Vic, m. Maria MENZEL

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