John ILLINGWORTH 1835-1915
Sarah Jane CULLIFORD 1836-1923

Lancashire, England ; Hobart Town, VDL (Tasmania) ; Ballarat, Victoria ; Blacksmith, Wheelwright & Coach Builder of Casterton, S-W Victoria, Australia

Alexander McBean's Shoeing Forge, Casterton John ILLINGWORTH 1835-1915, b. Goosnargh, Lancashire, England, son of Robert ILLINGWORTH and Margaret BAILEY, d. Casterton, S-W Victoria, married in 1867 to Sarah Jane CULLIFORD 1836-1923, b. Hobart Town, VDL (Tasmania), daughter of George CULLIFORD and Mary SMITH. John and Sarah had 7 children at Ballarat, Victoria from 1868 to 1879.

In 1861 it appears that John ILLINGWORTH had a previous marriage in 1864 to Julia SIMCOCK c.1836-1865, born London, England to Thomas and Margaret SIMCOCK. Julia had a child in June 1865, but both Julia (aged 29y) and the child Margaret (aged 1 day) died and were buried in the old Ballarat Cemetery. Three children from John's second marriage to Sarah Jane CULLIFORD also died at Ballarat and were also buried in the old Ballarat Cemetery.

In 1882 John ILLINGWORTH and left Ballarat and moved to Casterton where he intended to open a coach building business. He was a Coach Builder, recorded on the 1882 Commercial Sector Plan of Henty Street, Casterton, S-W Victoria. He took over Alexander McBEAN's Shoeing Forge opposite the Glenelg Inn in 1882 and was expanded to become ILLINGWORTH's Coach Building and Buggy Factory.

John and his wife Sarah ILLINGWORTH of "Bocka" Retreat-road, Casterton, S-W Victoria are both buried in the new Casterton Cemetery in 1915 and 1923 respectively.

John ILLINGWORTH & Sarah Jane CULLIFORD had the following known family:

  1. George Robert ILLINGWORTH 1868-1879, b. Ballarat, Victoria, d. Ballarat, Victoria.
  2. Alice Annie ILLINGWORTH 1868-1945, b. Ballarat, Victoria, d. 1945, Adelaide, South Australia, m. 1890, Casterton, S-W Victoria to Rev. Arthur Flemons WHITE 1861-1926, b. Fiji, Pacific Ocean to Rev. Joseph WHITE and Rachael Ann FLEMONS, d. Numurkah, Victoria. 1 child.
  3. Margaret Ada ILLINGWORTH 1870-1871, b. Ballarat, Victoria, d. Ballarat, Victoria
  4. Ida Culliford ILLINGWORTH 1872-1940, b. 1872, Ballarat, Victoria, d. Geelong, Victoria.
  5. Arthur Herbert ILLINGWORTH 1874-1940, b. Ballarat, Victoria, d. Geelong, Victoria, m. 1906, Casterton, S-W Victoria to Lillian Jane FROST 1880-1966, b. Eaglehawk, Victoria to Charles Wesley FROST and Jane BENNETTS, d. Geelong, Victoria. 3 children.
  6. John ILLINGWORTH 1879-1975, b. Ballarat, Victoria, d. Geelong, Victoria, m. Catherine EVANS c. 1890-1965
  7. Harry ILLINGWORTH 1879-1880, b. Ballarat, Victoria, d. Ballarat, Victoria

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