Hugh McINTYRE 1819-1883
Grace YOUNG 1813-1880

Argyllshire, Scotland ; Van Diemen's Land ; "Fox Hall" Casterton & "Hopetoun" Hamilton, S-W Victoria, Australia
& "Merino Downs" Otago, New Zealand

Hugh McINTYRE b. 1819, Argyllshire, Scotland, son of Donald McINTYRE & Mary JOHNSTON was married in Campbell Town, Van Diemen's Land in 1844 to Grace YOUNG, b. 1813, Kirkliston, Scotland, daughter of James YOUNG and Isabella PONTON.

Hugh McINTYRE arrived in Van Diemen's Land as an assisted immigrant from Scotland in 1842. Grace YOUNG arrived from Scotland in 1843. She travelled unassisted and stayed with her good friends John and Mary PEARSON at Douglas Park Estate near Campbell Town. Hugh and Grace married at Campbell Town in 1844. When their first child was born in 1845, they were living at Supply Creek near Launceston. The next year, the McINTYRE family sailed from Launceston to Portland Bay, Victoria.

Hugh & Grace McINTYRE rejoined their friends John and Mary PEARSON, who were now at "Retreat" Station on the Glenelg River, north of Casterton. Hugh initially worked at "Retreat" as an overseer and it was at "Retreat" that their next three children were born between 1846 and 1849. Two of these children were named after the PEARSON's; their first daughter Mary Simpson McINTYRE named after Mary PEARSON whose maiden name was SIMPSON; and their third son John Pearson McINTYRE named after John PEARSON.

Hugh McINTYRE then had a lease on "Fox Hall" Pastoral Run, north west of "Retreat" from September 1849 to March 1855. It was during this time that two more children were born.

In 1855, the McINTYRE family moved to Grange Burn farm north of Hamilton, Victoria. Hugh purchased land at Buckley Swamp south of Hamilton, about 1857 and named it "Hopetoun farm." They lived there until the farm was sold to the Henty brothers in 1867.

The McINTYRE family emigrated to New Zealand on the per "Rangitoto" in 1867 and settled near Gore in the South Island where Hugh had a pastoral lease of 22,000 acres named "Merino Downs".

Hugh McINTYRE & Grace YOUNG had the following family...

  1. Donald Hugh McINTYRE b. 1845, Supply Creek, near Launceston, Van Diemen's Land, d. 1918, Dunedin, NZ.
  2. Mary Simpson McINTYRE b. 1846, "Retreat Station" Casterton, Victoria, d. 1923, Auckland, NZ, m. 1870, "Merino Downs" Otago, NZ, to Hugh McLELLAN.
  3. James Young McINTYRE b. 1848, "Retreat Station" Casterton, Victoria, d. 1910, Otiake, Otago, New Zealand, m. 1889 to Isabella Ponton FISCHER (nee BROCK).
  4. John Pearson McINTYRE b. 1849, "Retreat Station" Casterton, Victoria, d. 1930, Timaru, New Zealand, m. 1885, Waikaka Valley, NZ to Beatrice NICHOL.
  5. Isabella Ponton McINTYRE b. 1851, "Fox Hall Station" Casterton, Victoria, d. 1942, Dunedin, NZ.
  6. Hugh McINTYRE b. 1854, "Fox Hall Station" Casterton, Victoria, d. Benio, Southland, NZ, m. 1892, to Isabella Spence CHITTOCK.
  7. Grace Ann McINTYRE b. 1855, d. 1856, Grange Burn, Hamilton, Victoria.
  8. Grace McINTYRE b. 1857, Grange Burn, Hamilton, Victoria, d. 1947, Ben Koi, Kelso, NZ, m. 1884 Merino Downs, NZ, to Alexander BROCK.
  9. Alexander McINTYRE b. 1860, "Hopetoun Farm," Buckley's Swamp, Hamilton, Victoria, d. 1936, Dunedin, New Zealand, m.1 1888, Waikoikoi, Otago, NZ to Isabella KERSE; m.2 1909 Hindmarsh, South Australia to Jessie Ada MICHELL (nee MATTHEWS).

Thanks to Heather Robinson & Richard McIntyre for updated information.

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