Kenneth McKENZIE c.1830-1896
Susan GRAHAM c.1839-1892

Loch Carron, Scotland ; MacLeay River, NSW ;
"Pieracle" station (near Digby), "Heathfield" Strathdownie, Merino and Casterton, S-W Victoria, Australia
and White Cliffs, New South Wales, Australia.

Kenneth McKENZIE c.1830-1896, b. Loch Carron, Ross and Cromartyshire, Scotland to Alexander McKENZIE and Annabella McRAE, died in 1896 at White Cliffs, New South Wales; married in 1858 at the home of Murdoch McRAE, "Ardgarton" Station, near Digby, S-W Victoria to Susan GRAHAM 1839-1892, b. Wigtonshire, Scotland, to William GRAHAM and Jean CAMPBELL, d. Casterton, S-W Victoria, Australia.

Kenneth McKENZIE was recorded as a 28 year old manager of "Pieracle" Station (near Digby, S-W Victoria) at the time of his marriage in 1858. His father was recorded as Alexander McKENZIE "Squatter." The family (Alexander McKENZIE, his wife Mary Annabella McRAE, 3 sons, 1 daughter and their teacher) had been involved in a an epic trek in 1854 from the Clarence River in northern NSW to the mouth of the Glenelg River in S-W Victoria as mentioned in the following "Portland Guardian" article...

"The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Monday, 28th August 1854.
LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. --- OVERLAND JOURNEY.--As great a feat of overland travelling, as could well be matched in the Colony, has been accomplished by a family just arrived in this district. Mr. Alexander McKenzie, brother-in-law to Mr. Duncan McRae of Glenlivit, left the head of the Clarence river, New England, 500 miles N E from Sydney, on the 7th February last. The party consisted of Mr. McKenzie, Mrs McKenzie, 3 sons, a daughter and a teacher, who had resided 10 years with the family. They travelled in a bullock dray drawn by a team of 16 bullocks ; driving with them 35 horses. The party rested on the road every Sunday, journeying only 6 days in the week, and they reached the mouth of the Glenelg on the 7th July last. Thus in a period of five months this family travelled over about 1400 miles of country from the northern district of New South Wales, to the southern coast of Victoria. They kept, after they came upon it all along Major Mitchells overland track to Port Phillip in 1836. Mrs McKenzie road [sic rode] the whole distance on horseback in company with the dray, and one of the sons drove the team of bullocks, the whole 1400 miles. The party arrived at their destination in perfect health, bullocks and horses in good condition ; and the only misfortune that befell the party on this lengthened journey was the loss of one of the 35 horses, which was stolen from them.

Kenneth McKENZIE was one of the 3 sons mentioned in this article, and may have been the driver of the bullock dray. In 1854 and 1855 Kenneth McKENZIE and his younger brother Alexander McKENZIE 1837-1908 were engaged in carting wool from "Morambro" station, near Naracoorte, South Australia to Portland, S-W Victoria. The 3rd brother was Farquhar McKENZIE 1832-...?.... The three brothers, along with their father Alexander would have been engaged in running "Pieracle" station, near Digby 1855-1858. Their mother Annabella died 5 months after the family arrived in S-W Victoria from NSW at her brother Duncan McRAE's "Glenaulin No.1" station (Drik Drik).

Annabella McKENZIE 1835-1922 who married in 1858 at "Pieracle" station to John McEACHERN 1837-1923, was the sister of Kenneth McKENZIE 1829-1896 and their uncles (brothers of their mother Annabella McRAE c.1799-1854) in S-W Victoria when they made the above trek from NSW were Alexander McRAE c.1801-1887, Duncan McRAE 1804-1889 and Murdoch McRAE c.1818-1893.

Kenneth McKENZIE appears to be the Kenneth McKENZIE, shepherd, who had a house in the 1882 Commercial Sector Plan of Henty Street, Casterton.

Kenneth McKENZIE's wife Susan McKENZIE (nee GRAHAM) was operating the "Coffee Palace" in Casterton when she died in 1892 and was buried in the Casterton Cemetery.

What happened to Kenneth McKENZIE after 1882 when he was recorded as a shepherd of Henty-street, Casterton, S-W Victoria? One story is that he was involved in the discovery of the White Cliffs opal field in outback New South Wales...

"The Barrier Miner" (Broken Hill, NSW) Monday, 7th January 1895. STRANGE DEATH AT SEA. --- A Wilcannia Resident Meets a Tragic End.
MELBOURNE, Monday Afternoon.--During the voyage of the steamer Innamincka from Adelaide to Melbourne on Sunday morning, August Wysenbach, jeweller, of Wilcannia and White Cliffs, and well-known at Broken Hill, died through sudden failure of the heart's action. Wyssenbach had been drinking heavily, and became somewhat violent. The captain in consequence put him in irons and a straight-jacket quite unnecessarily as many passengers thought. Wysenbach was in abject terror, and died almost immediately. Drs. Sangster and Gunter, who were on board, were summoned just as the man was dying. They subsequently certified to his death, and the body was brought on to Melbourne. Wysenbach's wife and daughter were on board at the time. The wife is the daughter of Mr. M'Kenzie, one of the discoverers of White Cliffs. Mr. Grenicke, butcher, of Wilcannia, was present, and rendered the bereaved woman much assistance.
NOTE : At least three of the sons of Kenneth McKENZIE (William, John and George) were pioneers of the White Cliffs Opal Field, NSW in the 1890s. Their father Kenneth died at White Cliffs, NSW as mentioned in the following news article...
"The Western Grazier" (Wilcannia, NSW) Wednesday, 22nd January 1896.
WHITE CLIFFS NEWS. (From Our Correspondent.) Jan. 19.--Two deaths have occurred at White Cliffs during the week, the first being Mr McKenzie senior, father of ths well-known blockholders McKenzie Bros., and the other being that of a child of Mr A. Herald. Both deaths I am told were principallydue to the excessive heat.

Kenneth McKENZIE & Susan GRAHAM had the following known family:

  1. Kenneth McKENZIE 1859-..?.., b. "Heathfield" Station west of Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. ...?...
  2. William Graham McKENZIE 1862-1896, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria, pioneer of the White Cliffs, NSW opal field in the 1890s, d. Wilcannia (Darling River), NSW, m. 1893, Wilcannia, NSW to Henrietta MATHERS 1873-1933, b. Mount Doran, Vic., to Patrick MATHERS and Margaret JONES, d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  3. John Alexander McKENZIE 1864-1915, b. ...?..., pioneer of the White Cliffs, NSW opal field in the 1890s, d. "Mena Murtee" Station near Wilcannia, NSW , m. 1893, Adelaide, South Australia to Ada Sarah SANDERS, 1871-..?.., b. Echunga, SA to Henry SANDERS and Kitty HAWKINS, d. ...?...
  4. Jane Campbell McKENZIE 1867-1920, b. Merino, S-W Victoria, d. Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1890, William GRANT b. 1861 Chetwynd, S-W Victoria to John GRANT and Sarah McMASTERS, d. 1913, Melbourne, Victoria. William GRANT was an Indian horse-trader and the couple lived at Casterton for many years. 2 children.
  5. Annabella Susan McKENZIE 1870-1906, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. Broken Hill, NSW, d. Broken Hill, NSW. She first married in 1894 at Adelaide, SA to Charles Augustus WYSSENBACH, widower, jeweller of Wilcannia, NSW. He died aboard the steamer s.s. "Innamincka" between Adelaide and Melbourne in 1895. Annabella remarried in 1897, Adelaide, SA to Reginald MANNING 1861-1910, b. Portland, S-W Victoria, d. Broken Hill, NSW.
  6. Mary Margaret McKENZIE 1873-..?.., b. 1873, Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. ...?...
  7. George Farquhar McKENZIE 1875-1939, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria, pioneer of the White Cliffs, NSW opal field in the 1890s, d. Broken Hill, NSW, m. 1904 at White Cliffs, NSW to Mary McDONALD 1887-1982, b. Queensland to John McDONALD and Margaret LAMB, b. Broken Hill, NSW. 7 children at White Cliffs and Broken Hill, NSW.

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