William McPHERSON 1822-1866
Marie Bennett CLARKE 1817-1896

Sutherlandshire, Scotland ; Devonshire, England ; Hobart Town, VDL ; "Nangeela" station, Glenelg River, Casterton S-W Victoria, Australia

William McPHERSON b. 1822, Glaslochan, Clyne, Sutherlandshire, Scotland, son of James McPHERSON & Christian MURRAY was married at Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land in 1845 to Marie Bennett CLARKE, b. 1817, Honiton, Devonshire, England, daughter of Joseph Lott CLARKE & Anne BENNETT.

William McPHERSON was brought out to VDL in 1834 by his uncle William MURRAY. He attended school in Hobart Town and came over to Port Phillip to gain farming experiece about 1839. He was manager of "Dunrobin" station on the Glenelg River from 1841-1846 for the owners William MURRAY & John ADDISON. He purchased the lease to "Nangeela" squatting run, also on the Glenelg River, near Casterton, S-W Victoria in 1843.

In 1845 he was married at Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land to Marie Bennett CLARKE and their first child was born the next year on "Nangeela" Station on the Glenelg.

In 1863 he was one of the nominations (listed below) for a position on the new Glenelg District Road Board, the forerunner to the Glenelg Shire Council. He was unsuccessful the first year but became an elected member of the Glenelg Shire in the following year.

1863 : Glenelg District Road Board nominations

NOTICE is hereby given, that at a Meeting held this day at Casterton in said district, under the 84th. Sec. of the Act, 27 Vic., No 176, the following persons were nominated as members to serve upon the said mentioned Board, namely,
  1. William ROBERTSON,
  2. Francis HENTY,
  3. John Henry JACKSON,
  4. William Henry TUCKETT,
  5. Charles McArthur KING,
  6. William McPHERSON,
  7. George CARMICHAEL,
  8. Owen O'RIELLY,
  9. William P. TREVASKIS,
  10. Denis NASH,
  11. Maurice CUSSEN,
And the said number being in excess of six I do hereby give notice, that a Poll will be taken for the Election of the required number of Members for the said Board at Casterton, on Friday, the 13th day of November, A.D. 1863, commencing at 8 o'clock a.m.
Dated at Casterton, this 31st of October, 1863.
Returning Officer.
Source : "Portland Guardian and Normanby General Advertiser" (Vic.) Thursday, 12th November 1863.

In 1866 William McPHERSON died after a short illness at his son's "Ascot Heath" station, near Dartmoor and was buried in the Old Casterton Cemetery.

His widow Marie continued to live at "Nangeela" until her death, aged 79y in 1896, and she was also buried in the Old Casterton Cemetery

William McPHERSON & Marie Bennett CLARKE had the following family...

  1. Alfred William Angus Wallace McPHERSON b. 1846, "Nangeela" station, Glenelg River, S-W Vic, d. 1927, "Wilga" Foster, Gippsland, Vic., m1. 1872 at "Glenlivet" station, Merino, Vic. to Hannah Harriet BOOTH ~1841-1874 (1 child); m2. Jessie Hervey ALSTON ~1843-1916 (2 children).
  2. James Sinclair McPHERSON b. 1848, "Dunrobin" station, Glenelg River, S-W Vic, d. 1925, "Wilga" Casterton, S-W Vic., m. 1871 at casterton, Vic., to Susanna "Susie" SIM 1851-1930 (9 children).
  3. William Sutherland McPHERSON b. 1849, "Nangeela" station, Glenelg River, S-W Vic, d. 1922, Port Fairy, S-W Vic., m. 1873 at Casterton, Vic., to Catherine "Kate" CUE ~1848-1917 (7 children).
  4. Murray Bennett McPHERSON b. 1851, "Nangeela" station, Glenelg River, S-W Vic, d. 1924, Horsham, West Vic., m. 1876 to Maria Eliza ANTILL 1853-1937 (9 children).
  5. Marie Josephine McPHERSON b. 1853, "Nangeela" station, Glenelg River, S-W Vic, d. 1854, "Dunrobin" station, Glenelg River, S-W Vic.

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