"Roseneath" Closer Settlement 1905
on the Glenelg River
N of Casterton, Glenelg & Wannon Region, S-W Victoria, Australia

1905 : "The Horsham Times" (Vic.) Friday, 6th October 1905.

Sales By Auction
At Casterton.
Important Subdivisional Sale By order of the Executors of the late Rev. Charles Simson.
The Roseneath Estate 15,198 Acres. First-Class Agricultultural and Grazing Land, 17 miles from Casterton.
JOHN FENTON (in conjunction with THORNTON, PALMER & MOODIE and A. E. SMITH & CO.) has received instructions to sell by public auction as above. Full particulars in later issues.
A Clearing Sale of Stock and Station Plant will be held on Wednesday, 13th December.
For full particulars apply to the above or mentioned agents or to NEIL CAMPBELL or STRACHAN, MURRAY & SHANNON, Geelong.
For particulars of title apply Messrs Harwood & Pincott, Solicitors, 83 Yarra St., Street, Geelong.

1905 : "The Horsham Times" (Vic.) Tuesday, 7th November 1905.

Sales By Auction
Important Subdivisional Sale of the well-known The Roseneath Estate 16 miles from Casterton.
JOHN FENTON (in conjunction with THORNTON, PALMER & MOODIE and A. E. SMITH & CO.) has received instructions from the executors of the late Rev. Charles Simson, to sell by public auction, at the Mechanics' Hall, Casterton, on Thursday, 23rd November, at 2 p.m.
THE ROSENEATH ESTATE, 15,210 Acres, 16 Miles from Casterton, First-Class Agricultultural and Grazing Land, To be sold in 12 Lots, from 110 acres to 6623 Acres. ALSO 6 allotments from 4 to 24 acres, in in the Township of Dergholm. The homestead lot comprises 6623 acres, a very compact property, with rich river fiats and splendid banks. It is subdivided into 17 paddocks. The improvements include homestead of 14 rooms, large brick stables, buggy sheds, men's quarters (brick), brick woolshed for 14 shearers, drafting yards, etc., and in fact every convenience for the proper working of the estate.
Lot 6, a splendid farm of 794 acres, frontage to Glenelg River, portions being rich river flats, subdivided into three, paddocks, and having a comfortable 6 roomed dwelling with stables and shed erected thereon.
Lot 10, comprises 3399 acres of first-class grazing land, lightly timbered, and is watered by permanent dams, situated 12 miles from Apsley, and adjoins Elderslie estate.
All the other lots have frontages to the Glenelg River, having rich flats, good banks, and the table land good grazing country.
The above properties are permanently watered by the Glenelg River, springs, dams, and creeks that have never failed, and each block is well and securely fenced with principally post and 6 wire fencing. This is first-class wool growing country, the wool off this estate having realised 17d in Geelong, and splendid crops have been taken off good portions of the property that has been cultivated, The climate is splendid, and the rainfall averages 27 inches. Roseneath has been held by the Simson family since 1847, but must now be sold in order to wind up the estate.
Terms--10 per cent deposit, 10 per cent on date of possession, balance to make one-third purchase money in 12 months ; remainder in 5 years with interest at 4 per cent.
Plans in course of preparation.
For full particulars apply to the above mentioned agents or to STRACHAN, MURRAY & SHANNON, or NEIL CAMPBELL, Geelong.
The title is under the Transfer of Land Act, and full particulars may be obtained from Messrs Harwood and Pincott, solicitors Yarra-street, Geelong.

1905 : "The Horsham Times" (Vic.) Tuesday, 28th November 1905.

A subdivisional sale of the Roseneath estate was held in the Mechanics' Hall on Thursday afternoon, when there was a large attendance. The sale was conducted by Mr. John Fenton, in conjunction with Messrs. Thornton, Palmer and Moodie, and Messrs. A. E. Smith and Co., Mr. Fenton weilding the hammer. The property was offered in 12 lots of from 110 acres 6623 acres, and six allotments in the township of Dergholm of from four to 24 acres. Bidding was brisk throughout, and 5186 acres were sold under the hammer, at an average of about 3 per acre, and it is expected that the remainder will be disposed of privately at an early date. The Poolaigelo Park, containing 3399a 1r 28p, is now under offer in three lots, and the auctioneers expect to sell it within a day or two. The homestead block, 6623 acres, was also passed in for private sale, and negotiations for its purchase will be entered into. Following are details of the lots sold:--
Lot 1, Boyoka paddock, 320a 2r 30p, Mr. Thomas Laidlaw, prospect, 3.
Lot 2, Maynard's paddock, 110a lr 14p, Mr. T. Tyler, Dergholm. 2 2s.
Lot 4, Sheep Wash, 806a 3r 37p, Mr. Jas. Jones, Dergholm, 1 10s.
Lot 5, Horse paddock, 166a 2r 34p, Mr. H. Howlett, Dergholm, 5.
Lot 6, Dergholm P.R., 794a 1r 7p, in four paddocks, Mr. P. Turner, Dergholm, 4.
Lot 7, Boorite, 1244a 1r 9p, Mr. P. Turner, Dergholm, 3 7s 6d.
Lot 8, Upper and Lower Brown's paddock, 652a 2r 5p. Mr. P. Turner, 2.
Lot 9, Poolaigelo Hut paddock, 219a 3r 38p, Mr. T. W. Hack, Strathdownie, 3
Lot 11, Baneigh paddock, 633a 3r 5p, Mr. T. W. Hack, 2 7s 6d.
Lot 12, 181a 2r 30p, Mr. J. M'Phee, Casterton, 2 17.
Lot 13, 24a 1r 7p, adjoining township of Dergholm, Mr. H. Howell, 8 2s 6d.
Lot 14, 14a 1r 30p, Mr. A. Turner, Dergholm, 6 15s.
Lot 15, 3a 2r, Mr. V. Hardy, Casterton, 9 10.
Lot 16, 4a 2r, Mr. M. M'Namara, Dergholm, 4.
Lot 17, and 18, 8a 2r 31p, Mr. A. Turner 6.