"Hilgay" Estate Soldier Settlement (WW1)
Coleraine, S-W Victoria, Australia
Glenelg & Wannon Region, S-W Victoria, Australia


On Wednesday, December 12th, owing to the expiration of the lease of the Hilgay Estate, near Coleraine, Messrs. John Fenton and Co., in conjunction with Messrs. T. H. Laidlaw and Co., under instructions from the Ballarat Trustees, Executors and Agency Co., Ltd., will sell eleven thousand six hundred sheep and 600 head of cattle, in the estate of the late James Weatherly, as advertised.

Source : "The Horsham Times" (Vic.) Tuesday, 27th November 1917.


Applications are invited by the Closer Settlement Board from discharged soldiers holding qualification certificates for the allotments comprising Hilgay Estate, parish of Coleraine, county of Dundas. The estate comprises an area of 6,685 acres, and is situated within 1 to 7 miles of Coleraine railway station, and 223 miles from Melbourne. It has been subdivided into 33 allotments.

Source : "The Argus" (Melbourne, Vic.) Thursday, 7th September 1922.

SUBDIVISION OF HILGAY ESTATE (Estate J. MacInnes, Deceased).

APPLICATIONS are invited by the Closer Settlement Board from Discharged Soldiers holding Qualification Certificates to take up land for Farm Allotments on this Estate.
Applications should be lodged at the Crown Lands Office, Melbourne, or with the Land Officer at Hamilton.
The Inquiry Board will be held at the Court House, Coleraine, on Wednesday, 20th September 1922, at 9 a.m.
Secretary, Closer Settlement Board.
Public Offices, Melbourne, 6th September, 1922.

Source : "The Argus" (Melbourne, Vic.) Thursday, 7th September 1922.

Country News.
Hilgay Estate Blocks Allotted.

COLERAINE, Sunday.--A land board, consisting of Messrs J. Dick (Lands Department) and G. O'Toole (Land officer), with Councillor McKevecry (Wannon Shire president), dealt with applications from former soldiers for blocks in Hilgay Estate, a property of 6,686 acres, recently acquired by the Government from the estate of the late John Macinnes. The following are the decisions of the board :--

  • allotments 1 and 1A, 166 acres E. H. Rigby, Geelong West;
  • allotments 2 and 2A, 164 acres, J. L. Annett, Condah;
  • allotments 3 and 3A, 157 acres, T. Stokie, Balmoral;
  • allotment 4, 148 acres, V. P. Coe, Coleraine;
  • allotment 5, 133 acres, A. Christie, Buln Buln;
  • allotment 5, 212 acres, C. W. Plunkett, Hamilton;
  • allotment 11, 179 acres, F. Warriner, Merino;
  • allotment 12, 202 acres, W. G. Heazlewood, Digby;
  • allotment 14, 149 acres, W. H. Pitcher, Coleraine;
  • allotment 15, 267 acres, J. P. McGrath, Murndal;
  • allotment 17, 188 acres L. J. Richards, Sandford;
  • allotment 21, 166 acres, Con. Ryan, Killara;
  • allotment 22, 192 acres, G. R. Storer, Branxholme;
  • allotments 24 and 24A, 243 acres, F. G. Donehue, Ardno;
  • allotments 25 and 25A, 246 acres, D. McDonald, Hamilton;
  • allotments 26 and 26A, 249 acres, R. J. Vickery, Casterton;
  • allotments 27 and 27A, 260 acres, A. Campbell, Coleraine;
  • allotments 28 and 28A, 195 acres, R. V. Holloway, Korumburra;
  • allotments 29 and 29A, 214 acres, A. J. Frichot, Ballan.

Source : "The Argus" (Melbourne, Vic.) Monday, 25th September 1922.


COLERAINE.-Closer settlement on Hilgay has led to the establishment of a post office. Between Hilgay and Coleraine a mail will run three times a week.

Source : "The Argus" (Melbourne, Vic.) Wednesday, 17th December 1924.


COLERAINE.--The settlers on the newly settled estate, Hilgay, have been successful in having a school established, and a room in the residence of Mr. Con. Ryan has been acquired for the purpose. Miss Bradshaw, from Benalla, is the teacher.

Source : "The Age" (Melbourne, Vic.) Monday, 30th November 1925.

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