George ANNETT 1846-1933 & Susan Ann HILL 1856-1928

Kent, England, Merino, Digby, Victoria, Australia

George ANNETT b. c1846 Kent, England, son of William ANNETT and Mary ROGERS was married in 1873 in Victoria to Susan Ann HILL b. 1856, Victoria, dau. of John HILL and Emily GIBBS.

George ANNETT his parents and siblings arrived at Portland from England in 1852 on the "Priam".

George ANNETT & Susan HILL had the following family:

  1. James Henry John ANNETT b. 1874, Merino, Vic, m. Annie Mary RHOOK;
  2. Frances Jane ANNETT b. 1877, Digby, Vic, m. George Robert Henry ANNETT;
  3. Susan ANNETT b. 1879, d. 1879, Merino, Vic;
  4. Helen Emily Hill ANNETT b. 1880, Digby, Vic, m. Walter Crosier THOMPSON;
  5. Lillian ANNETT b. 1882, Digby, Vic, m. Frederick SHARROCK;

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