William BARKER 1830-1912 & Jemima TAYLOR 1831-1876

Cambridgeshire, England; Digby, S-W Victoria, Australia

William BARKER b. 1830 Cambridgeshire, England, son of Robert & Jemima? BARKER was married in 1855 in Cambridgeshire to Jemima TAYLOR b. 1831 Cambridgeshire, England, daughter of James TAYLOR and Jane MASON and they arrived at Portland in 1856 on the "Anna Maria"

William BARKER may have had a brother Henry, married to Sarah McRAE in 1856 at Penola in South Australia and Sarah died at Merino, Vic in 1876. It appears they had no children.

W & G BARKER were listed as one of the buyers of the first Digby town allotments.

1881 - C. BARKER listed as Chief Ranger for Court Perseverance No 3319, Ancient Order of Foresters at Digby.

Note from Phil McCALLUM

Just a note on the Barker family which you may already know but in case you do not, here it is (Jane Barker was my grand mother). Jane's Mother and father, William and Jemima Barker came to Australia on the "Anna Maria". They sailed from Plymouth on 10th November 1855 and arrived Portland on 10th February, 1856. Quite a quick trip really for those days. He was aged 25 and she was aged 24 and he came on his own account from Cambridgeshire where they had been married in 1855. The boat carried 207 passengers and there was only 1 death on the trip. His parents were Robert and ?Jemima Barker. Her parents were James and Jane Taylor. The reason I put the ? before Jemima is that one of the Jemima s we suspect was Mary Ann but we haven't had the time to sort this one out. Phil McCallum. (28.4.'98)

William BARKER and Jemima TAYLOR had the following family:

  1. Charles BARKER, b. 1856 Coleraine, d. 1888, mar. Isabella BROWN;
  2. William BARKER, b. 1858 Digby, Vic, mar. Emily Eliza WOMBWELL;
  3. Jane BARKER, b. 1860 Woodburn Stattion, mar. James McCALLUM;
  4. Sarah Ann BARKER, b. 1862 Casterton, Vic, mar. Matthew Richard MABBITT;
  5. Harriet BARKER, b. 1864 Digby, Vic, mar. Frederick Robert LEE;
  6. Mary Ann, b. 1866 Digby, Vic, d. 1867;
  7. George BARKER, b. 1868 Digby, Vic, mar. Elizabeth Mary MABBITT;
  8. Ann BARKER, b. 1870 Merino, Vic, mar. John McCALLUM;
  9. Mary BARKER, b. 1872 Digby, Vic, d. 1872.

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