Thomas BILSTON 1807-1899
Ann WHEELER 1819-1877

Warwickshire, England, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) and Portland Bay Distict (Victoria), S-W Victoria, Australia

Thomas BILSTON 1807-1899, b. Warwickshire, England, d. Heywood, S-E South Australia, married in 1835, New Norfolk, VDL (Tasmania) to Ann WHEELER 1819-1877, b. George Town, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) to Capt. William WHEELER & Elizabeth GUY, d. Heywood, S-W SVictoria, Australia.

Thomas BILSTON, aged 17y, was convicted of burglary and stealing in 1823 in Warwickshire, England and transported as a convict on the "Asia" to Van Diemen's Land, arriving in 1824. After his marriage in 1835 he moved in 1837 to the newly settled Port Phillip District in the Colony of NSW where there son George Yarra BILSTON was born.

Thomas BILSTON was the Inn-keeper of the "Bush Inn" Fitzroy River, Heywood (1840s); "Bilston's Inn" Heywood (1859); the "Digby Hotel" Digby (1862-63) and the "Mocamboro Inn" Mocamboro, near Merino (1871).

Ann BILSTON, wife of Thomas died at Heywood, S-W Victoria in 1877, and was buried in the local cemetery at Drumborg, near Heywood. Thomas BILSTON died aged 91y in the Portland Benevolent Asylum & Hospital, S-W Victoria and was also buried at Drumborg.

Thomas BILSTON and Ann WHEELER had the following family...

  1. Emma BILSTON 1830-1920, b. Hobart Town, VDL (Tasmania), d. Mount Gambier, SA, m. 1851 portland, S-W Vic., to Alexander REID 1818-1887, b. Edinburgh, Scotland, d. Mount Gambier, SA.
    [NOTE : Emma BILSTON is referred to as daughter of Thomas BILSTON, but it appears Ann WHEELER would be too young to be her mother in 1830 ??].

  2. William BILSTON 1836-1836, b. New Norfolk, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania.), d. (infant).

  3. George Yarra BILSTON 1837-1916, b. "Kangaroo" Station (Heidelberg), Port Phillip District, Colony Of New South Wales d. Katanning, S-W Western Australia, m. 1856, Portland, Vic., to Ellen Augustine McELLIGOTT 1831-1893, b. Co Kerry, Ireland, d. Chetwynd, S-W Victoria. 10 children.

  4. Mary Ann BILSTON 1840-1863, b. "Mooree" ("Kout Narin") Station, near Chetwynd, Portland Bay District, Port Phillip d. Hotspur, S-W Victoria, Australia, m. 1858, Portland, Vic., to Norman Stewart CAMPBELL c.1829-1906, b. Isle Of Skye, Scotland, d. New Zealand.

  5. Thomas Edward BILSTON 1842-1928, b. Coleraine (Bryan Creek), Portland Bay District, Port Phillip d. Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, m. 1860, Heywood, S-W Vic., to Elizabeth NASH c.1829-1919, d. Mount Richmond, near Cape Bridgewater, S-W Vic.

  6. Marie Elizabeth BILSTON 1844-1909, b. "Steep Bank" Station, Wando Vale, Portland Bay District, Port Phillip d. Perth, Western Australia, m. 1860, Merino, S-W Vic., to David Blair STONE 1832-1894, b. New York, North America, d. Warracknabeal, Victoria. [12 children]

  7. John Henry Morris BILSTON 1846-1917, b. Heywood, S-W Port Phillip District; resided at Heywood, Hamilton, Strathdownie, Dergholm and Penola; d. Penola, South Australia, m. 1879, Victoria, to Mary Margaret MINOGUE 1848-1921, b. Portland, S-W Port Phillip District, d. Penola, SA. [5 children]

  8. Frederick William BILSTON 1849-1935, b. "Bush Inn" Heywood, S-W Port Phillip District; carrier for many years, resided at Heywood, Merino, Strathdownie, Wando Vale, near Casterton; d. Sandford, S-W Victoria, m. 1892, Mount Gambier, SA, to Elizabeth JENNINGS c.1869-1935, b. Mount Gambier, SA, to Henry JENNINGS and Elizabeth CONNELL, d. Casterton, S-W Victoria. [11 children]

  9. Charlotte Rosina BILSTON 1851-1869, b. Heywood, S-W, Victoria d. Melbourne, Victoria.

  10. Alexander Heywood BILSTON 1849-1935, b. Heywood, S-W Victoria; resided at Heywood, Digby, Casterton, Strathdownie, Strathdownie, near Casterton; d. Warrnambool, S-W Victoria, m. 1881, Lake Mundi, near Casterton, S-W Vic., to Catherine Juliana Collett McDONALD 1850-1923, b. Colony of NSW, to James McDONALD and Anne McARTHUR, d. Casterton, S-W Victoria. [5 children]

  11. Sarah Frances Ellen St Ives BILSTON 1856-1930, b. Heywood, S-W Victoria; resided at Heywood and New Zealand, d. New Zealand, m. 1874, New Zealand, to Duncan William McARTHUR 1850-1922, b. Oban, Argyllshire, Scotland to Duncan McARTUR and Isabella KEDDIE. d. Auckland, New Zealand. Duncan was Engineer & Town Clerk at Horsham, Victoria 1891-94.

  12. Amelia Jane BILSTON 1860-1950, b. Heywood, S-W Victoria; resided at Heywood and New Zealand, d. Aucklnad, New Zealand, m. 1882, New Zealand to Thomas BLACKWOOD 1854-1905, b. Edinburgh, Scotland, d. Taranaki, New Zealand.

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