Henry BROWN 1860-1829 & Racheal BLACKWOOD 1864-1943

Melbourne & Hotspur, south-west Victoria, Australia

Henry BROWN b. 1860, Collingwood, Victoria son of James BROWN and Bridget O'NEIL (who married in Van Diemen's Land in 1839) was married at Portland in 1882 to Rachael BLACKWOOD, b. 1864, Hotspur, Victoria daughter of James BLACKWOOD & Hannah MICKLEBOROUGH

Henry BROWN died at Hamilton in 1929 and Rachael BROWN died at Merino, Victoria in 1943. They are both buried in the Hotspur Cemetery.

Henry BROWN & Rachael BLACKWOOD had the following known family:

  1. Annie Elizabeth "Ida" BROWN b. 1884, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1966, m1. Edward HIPWORTH 1896-1930; m2 James Squire SMITH 1875-1949;

  2. James BROWN b. 1886. Hotspur, Victoria, d. 1947, Heywood, Victoria;

  3. Thomas Henry BROWN b. 1888, Hotspur, Victoria, d. 1963, m. Emily Eliza SIMKIN 1898-1970.

  4. Myrtle Victoria BROWN b. 1890 Hotspur, Victoria, d. 1959, Kew, Vic.;

  5. Charles Gordon BROWN b. 1893, Hotspur, Victoria, d. 1984, m. Elsie Ruth HISCOCK 1909-2001;

  6. Eric Ivan Blackwood BROWN b. 1906, Hotspur, Victoria, d. 1960, Melbourne.

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