Robert Darlington BUCKLEY 1832-1919 & Mary HICKS 1831-1906

Co Wicklow, Ireland; Digby & Merino, S-W Victoria, Australia

Robert Darlington BUCKLEY b. 1833 Wicklow, Ireland, son of Francis BUCKLEY and Eliza DARLINGTON married in 1856 in Portland, Vic to Mary HICKS b. 1832 Wicklow, Ireland, dau of John HICKS and Ellen DALTON.

John Hicks, his wife Ellen DALTON and their seven children along with Robert Darlington BUCKLEY arrived in Portland in 1856. They stayed in Portland for a short while and then John purchased Allotment 16, Section 1 Merino at auction in 1856. John, Ellen and their grandson are buried in the Merino Cemetery. Robert purchased Township Allotment 2 in Turnley Street as well as selection acreage in Grassdale before moving north to Lawloit in the Wimmera. 

Robert BUCKLEY & Mary HICKS had the following children:

  1. Francis BUCKLEY b. 1857 Digby, mar. Sarah MARTIN;
  2. John BUCKLEY b. 1859 Rifle Downs, mar. Catherine BRUDER;
  3. Ellen BUCKLEY b. 1860 Digby, mar. John GREY;
  4. Benjamin Alfred BUCKLEY b. 1862 Merino, mar. Susan WHITE;
  5. Mary Jane BUCKLEY b. 1866 Merino;
  6. Catherine Elizabeth BUCKLEY b. 1868 Merino, mar. William PARKIN;
  7. Robert Darlington BUCKLEY b. 1870 Merino, mar. Mabel WARREN.

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