George BYRNE 1806-1857
Elizabeth COSTELLO c.1806-1860

Ireland ; VDL (Tasmania); "Glenlivet" Station, Merino-Digby, Victoria, Australia

George BYRNE 1806-1857, b. Dublin, Ireland, son of George BYRNE and Mary MURPHY and he married in Ireland to Elizabeth COSTELLO c.1806-1860, b. Dublin, Ireland to John COSTELLO and Mary __.

George and Elizabeth BYRNE appear to have had 2 children in Ireland before they emigrated to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), arriving in November 1833 on the "Eliza" with John (aged 4y) and Mary (aged 1y). It appears that Mary subsequently died in VDL (Tasania) as they had another daughter Mary born c. 1837 in VDL.

George and Elizabeth BYRNE and family of 6 children sailed to Port Phillip (now Victoria) in 1840, making them early settlers in the Colony. Three more children were born at Portland, Victoria 1840-1851.

George BYRNE died at "Glenlivet" Station between Merion and Digby, Victoria was buried in the Digby Cemetery in 1857.

Elizabeth BYRNE (nee COSTELLO), widow of George BYRNE married in 1858 at Guildford, Victoria to Thomas O'CONNOR and she died at Vaughan (near Guildford), Victoria in 1860.

George BYRNE & Elizabeth COSTELLO had the following known family:

  1. John BYRNE 1828-1877, b. Dublin, Ireland; d. 1877 at Jung Jung (near Horsham), Victoria; m. 1850 at Portland, Victoria to Mary Ann PEMBURY 1834-1923, b. VDL (Tasmania) to Philip PEMBURY and Catherine BLACKNEY; d. Perth, Western Australia. John and Mary Ann BYRNE had children born in South Australia and Victoria from 1854-1877. ;

  2. Mary BYRNE b. ca 1831, Dublin, Ireland (probably died in Tasmania before 1837);

  3. George BYRNE 1834-1902, b. Hobart Town, VDL (Tasmania); d. Edenhope, Victoria; m. in 1859 at "Lemon Springs" station (near Goroke), Victoria to Elizabeth BUCHAN 1840-1881, b. Scotland to William Hague BUCHAN and Mary BOYLE (BELL); d. Mount Gambier, South Australia. Children born in South Australia and Victoria 1859-1881;

  4. Mary BYRNE c.1836-1868, VDL (Tasmania); d. Vaughan, Victoria; m. 1853 to Charles Ramsay WILLIAMS 1832-1974, b. Devonshire, England; d, Murchison, Victoria; 6 Children born on Victorian Goldfields 1854-1866.;

  5. Child 5 BYRNE b. bef 1840.............?;

  6. Child 6 BYRNE b. bef 1840.............?;

  7. Elizabeth BYRNE 1840-1912, b. Portland Bay, Victoria; d. Adelaide, SA; m.1 at Bendigo, Victoria to William TREMAIN 1831-1862, b. Cornwall, England; d, Vaughan SPRINGS, Victoria; 4 children; m.2 to Thomas TREMAIN 1841-1917

  8. Stephen BYRNE b. 1845, Portland, Victoriss, d. 1866, ___, Vic.;

  9. Benedick BYRNE b. 1851, Portland, Victoria, d. bef 1857.

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