Samuel CHADWICK 1820-1869 & Mary SHANAHAN 1831-1907

Digby, S-W Victoria, Australia

Notes from Robert Chadwick:

Samuel CHADWICK, son of Jonathon and Mary Chadwick was born c1820 in Yorkshire England (Baptised 25 June 1820 Hunslet). He was deported to Australia arriving on the 3rd December 1838 on the Augusta Jessie (2) as a result of being convicted in the Leeds Quarter Sessions on 23rd October 1837 for stealing a quantity of beef. He was appropriated to Mr J Lucas in Longford Tasmania.

Samuel received his ticket of leave on 22nd December 1842 and then his free certificate in 1845. He sailed to Melbourne on the Scout from Launceston on 15th October 1845.

The marriage to Irish girl Mary Shanahan in October 1850 at Emu Creek (Digby) produced 9 children (Samuel, Isaac, Mary, Jonoathon, Richard, Amelia, Hannah, Daniel and Elizabeth) of whom only five reached adulthood.

After purchasing 4 lots of land at Adelaide Lead and growing wheat, Samuel died at the age of 48 in Maryborough as the result of a fall from his horse whilst intoxicated and endeavouring to escape from police custody.

Samuel CHADWICK & Mary SHANAHAN had the following family, the first two of whom were baptised at Digby:

  1. Samuel Jonathon CHADWICK b. 1852, Digby, Vic;
  2. Isaac CHADWICK b. 1853, Digby, Vic, m. Eliza Ann DELLAR;
  3. Mary Jane CHADWICK b. 1856, Mt Ararat, Vic, m. Daniel ROBINSON;
  4. Jonathon CHADWICK b. 18858, d. 1860, Vic;
  5. Richard CHADWICK b. 1860, Inglewood, Vic, d. 1860;
  6. Amelia CHADWICK b. 1862, Vic, m. ? CASSIDY;
  7. Anna CHADWICK b. 1865, Amherst, Vic d. 1865;
  8. Daniel CHADWICK b. 1867, Maryborough, Vic, d. 1867;
  9. Elizabeth CHADWICK b. 1869 Adelaide Lead, Vic, m. Albert Edward FORD;

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