William CHARTER c1815-1888 & Elizabeth EKE c1817-1902

Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, England; Hotspur, Merino & Portland, S-W Victoria, Australia

William CHARTER, a former policeman in England, who took over the licence of the Rising Sun Hotel at Hotspur, S-W Victoria was probably b. c 1815 Huntingdonshire, England. He appears to have married Sarah BECKERTON in 1839 and Elizabeth EKE in 1846.

William CHARTER & Sarah BECKERTON had the following known children:

  1. Mary Ann CHARTER b. c1840 Cambridgeshire, Eng, d. 1916, m. Richard Charles THURMAN 1837-1927
  2. William CHARTER b. c1842, Cambridgeshire, Eng, d. 1907, m. Johanne Matilda NOSKE 1857-1914

A Polly CHARTER was attending Hotspur school in 1863.

1863 - In the Digby Court of Petty Sessions, 9 Sep 1863, Jane McCONACHY of Hotspur transferred her her General Publican's Licence for the Rising Sun Hotel at Hotspur to William CHARTER. Surities were - Hugh LEWIS of Digby and Alfred T FARLEY of Digby.

1864 - In the Digby Court of Petty Sessions, 27 Apr 1864, William CHARTER of Hotspur applied for and was granted a General Publican's Licence for the Rising Sun Hotel at Hotspur and was again extended on 29 Jun 1864. Surities were - Thomas Henry CLARKE of Digby and Alexander CAMERON of Lower Crawford.

William & Elizabeth CHARTER at sone stage lived at Merino. By 1879 he was recorded as a cordial manufacturer and dealer of Portland. William died at Portland in 1888 and his widow Elizabeth died there in 1902.

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