Walter William CHING 1858-1934 & Harriet COOK 1864-1947

Geelong, Colac, Creswick, Hamilton & Grassdale (near Digby), S-W Victoria, Australia

Walter William CHING b. 1858 Geelong, Vic., son of John Cottle CHING and Charlotte WALTER was married in 1885, Nurrabiel, Western Victoria to Harriet COOK, b. 1864 Kingston, near Creswick, Victoria, daughter of George Nesbit COOK and Harriet Ann RUSSELL.

Walter and Harriet CHING had six children at Hamilton or Grassdale, near Digby, in S-W Victoria from 1886 to 1903. It appears the family were living at Grassdale from about 1892 to about 1896, before moving to Hamilton. It was during this time that three of their children appear to have been born at Grassdale.

The family was living at Dobie, near Ararat in 1916 when the only son Walter Russell CHING, a Chemist's apprentice in Ararat enlisted in the AIF. Walter was killed in Belgium in 1917.

Walter William CHING died at Bendigo in 1934 and his widow later moved back to Hamilton where she died an 1947.

Walter William CHING & Harriet COOK had the following family....;

  1. Emma Charlotte CHING b. 1886, Hamilton, Vic., d. 1973, Heyfield, Vic., m. Percdival John Bennett DALLY 1888-1950;

  2. Harriet May CHING b. 1887, Hamilton, Vic., d. 1964, Maryborough, Vic., m. Charles John BOXER 1878-1948;

  3. Maud Mildred CHING b. 1892, Grassdale, Vic., d. ______., m. Frederick Hamilton BROWM 1892-_______?;

  4. Ruby Mabel CHING b. 1896, Grassdale, Vic., d. 1980, Maryborough, Vic., m. Isaac LEES 1886-1961;

  5. Walter Russell CHING b. 1896, Grassdale, Vic., d. 1917, Belgium;
    • 1896 - born Grassdale, Vic
    • 1916 - Chemist's apprentice, Ararat, Vic
    • Apr 1916, enlisted as Pte 6492, 8th Battalion, AIF.
    • Oct 1916, Pte 6492, 8th Battalion, AIF, embaked per "Nestor" from Mebourne
    • Nov 1916, Pte 6492, 8th Battalion, AIF, disembaked "Nestor" Plymouth, England
    • Aug 1917, Pte 6492, joined the 23rd Battalion, AIF in France
    • 8 Oct 1917, Pte 6492, 23rd Battalion, killed in action in Belgium

  6. Lila Myrtle CHING b. 1903, d. 1903, Hamilton, Vic.;

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