James COFFEY 1842-1928 & Adelaide Sophia WHITAKER ~1844-1930

Melbourne, Ballarat, Grassdale (nr Digby) & Henty (nr Merino), Victoria, Australia

Railway Stationmaster at Grassdale (nr Digby) & Henty (nr Merino), S-W Victoria, Australia

James COFFEY b. 1842, Melbourne, Port Phillip, son of Christopher COFFEY and Margaret CARROLL was married at Ballarat in 1868 to Adelaide Sophia WHITAKER, b. ~1844, Melbourne, Port Phillip, daughter of William WHITAKER and Elizabeth CONNOR.

1856-1877 : James COFFEY was a gold-miner at Ballarat

1878 : James COFFEY joined the railways at Ballarat.

1884-1888 : James COFFEY was Stationmaster at Grassdale Railway Station, near Digby, S-W Victoria.

1885 : George, youngest child of James COFFEY was born at Grassdale, near Digby, S-W Victoria.

1887 : Adelaide COFFEY, aged 7y, died at Grassdale, near Digby, and was buried in the Digby Cemetery, S-W Victoria.

1888-~1892 : James COFFEY was Stationmaster at Henty Railway Station, near Merino, S-W Victoria.

~1892-1912 : James COFFEY was Stationmaster at Mentone Railway Station, Melbourne, Victoria.

1912-1928 : James COFFEY lived in retirement at Mentone, Melbourne, Victoria.

1928 : James & Adelaide COFFEY celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary at Mentone.

1928 : James COFFEY died at Mentone aged 86y.

1930 : Adelaide COFFEY died at Mentone aged 85y.

James COFFEY & Adelaide Sophia WHITAKER had the following family....

  1. William James COFFEY b. 1869, Ballarat, Vic., d. 1955, Melbourne, Vic., m. Amy CLARKE 1872-1950. William was a Bank Manager of Melbourne, 2 of his sons served with the 1st AIF;

  2. Victoria Georgeanna COFFEY b. 1871, Bungaree, Vic., d. 1949, Melbourne, Vic., m. Harold Cromwell PRICE 1873-1923;

  3. Christopher Gloster COFFEY b. 1873, Bungaree, Vic., d. 1921, Melbourne, Vic., m. Agnes Mary BROOK ~1881-1954;

  4. Elizabeth Sophia "Bessie" COFFEY b. 1876, Bungaree, Vic., d. 1970, Melbourne, Vic.;

  5. Frederick Joseph COFFEY b. 1877, Bungaree, Vic., d. 1930, Adelaide, SA., m. Iris Stella HEINEMANN 1891-1962. Frederick was a Taxation Consultant and racehorse owner of Adelaide, SA;

  6. Adelaide Frances COFFEY b. 1880, Bungaree, Vic., d. 1887, Grassdale, Vic., buried in the Digby Cemetery;

  7. Albert John COFFEY b. 1882, Bungaree, Vic., d. 1947, Melbourne, Vic., m. Elizabeth May CHENNEY 1893-1938. Albert was bank employee in Melbourne.;

  8. George Denis COFFEY b. 1885, Grassdale, near Digby, Vic., d. 1972, Sydney, NSW, m. 1921, SA to Constance Elizabeth DUMAS 1889-1950. George was a bank employee in Adelaide and Sydney.;
    • school pupil at SS 2020, Henty, S-W Victoria
    • bank employee, Adelaide, SA when he enlisted in the AIF in 1917
    • Pte 6802, 27th Battalion, AIF, enlisted 6 Feb 1917
    • Pte 6802, 48th Battalion, AIF, served in France 1918-1919
    • Pte 6802, 48th Battalion, AIF, discharged Melbourne, 8 Nov 1919
    • Named on Henty State School No. 2020 Honour Roll

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