Samuel CONDON 1842-1908
Margaret Isabella McCONACHY 1846-1917

Somersetshire, England ; Portland & Hotspur, S-W Victoria & Mount Gambier, S-E South Australia

Samuel CONDON, b. 1842, Somersetshire, England, son of Enoch CONDON b. 1819 Somersetshire, England and Emma KIMBER, b. c1821 England and arrived at Adelaide with his parents and siblings in 1852 and by 1855 was at Portland, S-W Victoria, Australia.

Margaret Isabella McCONACHY, b. 1846, Portland, Port Phillip, daughter of John McCONACHY b. 1815 Co Derry, Ireland and Jane McGUINNESS, b. c 1804 Co Derry, Ireland.

  • 1869 : by 1869 Samuel CONDON & Donald MATHESON established their sawmill at Stony Rises, halfway between Hotspur & Heywood, S-W Victoria, Australia
  • 1873 : Samuel CONDON married in Victoria to Margaret Isabella McCONACHY
  • 1880 : before 1880 Samuel CONDON & Donald MATHESON moved their sawmill to Wheeler's Swamp, near Hotspur where theu operated for a number of years
  • 1888 : Samuel CONDON & Donald MATHESON moved their sawmilling operation to Kalangadoo, near Mount Gambier, South Australia and had a contract for sleepers for the Mount Gambier to Naracoorte railway.
  • ~1890 : after completing the contract at Mount Gambier they moved their sawmill to Moonlight Flat or Myaring, between Merino & Dartmoor, S-W Victoria.
  • 1891 : Samuel CONDON appears to have been a sawmiller at Koondrook, near Kerang
  • 1908 : Samuel CONDON died at Barham, NSW, near Echuca, on the Murray river
  • 1917 : Margaret CONDON (nee McCONACHY) died at Mount Gambier, SA

Samuel CONDON 1842-1908 & Margaret Isabella McCONACHY 1846-1917 had the following children:

  1. Jane Isabella CONDON, b. 1875 Hotspur, S-W Victoria, d. 1952 Mount Gambier, SA, m. Frank SHEPHERDSON 1871-1937;

  2. John CONDON, b. 1876 Hotspur, S-W Victoria, d. 1955 Ararat, Victoria, m. Elizabeth Emily PENGLASE 1884-1969;

  3. Emma Caroline CONDON, b. 1878, Hotspur, S-W Victoria, d. 1946, Melbourne, Victoria, m.1 to Jacob PILL 1875-1914 ; m.2 to James Henry PATTERSON 1868-1940;

  4. Mary Margaret CONDON, b. 1879, Hotspur, S-W Victoria, d. 1955, Portland, S-W Victpria, m. Allen William DUSTING 1879-1952;

  5. Ruth CONDON, b. 1881, d. 1882, Hotspur, S-W Victoria;

  6. Lucy May CONDON, b. 1883, d. 1885, Hotspur, S-W Victoria;

  7. Elsie May CONDON, b. 1888, Mount Gambier, SA, d. 1985, Melbourne, Vic., m. Sydney Herbert TOOMER 1887-1959.

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