Charles DONOHUE c1843-1921 & Bridget PRIOR c1844-1920

Ireland & Digby, S-W Victoria, Australia

Charles DONOHUE, b. ~1843, Co Fermanagh, Ireland, son of John DONOHUE and Kate McCABE was married in Victoria, Australia in 1869 to Bridget PRIOR, b. ~1844, Co Cavan, Ireland, daugter of JOHN PRIOR and Bridget DONOHUE.

Bridget PRIOR was a sister of Thomas PRIOR 1826-1899, farmer of "Stokesdale" Digby

Charles DONOHUE was list as a farmer, aged 32y when he joined the A.O.F. lodge at Digby in 1872.

Jim DONOHUE was listed as one of the pupils at the Digby South State School between 1888 and 1898.

Charles and Bridget DONOHUE and a number of their children died at Digby and are buried in the local cemetery.

Charles DONOHUE & Bridget PRIOR had the following children:

  1. Charles DONOHUE b. 1870, d. 1876, Digby, Vic.;
  2. John DONOHUE b.1873, d. 1873, Digby, Vic;
  3. Mary Jane DONEHUE b. 1874, Digby, d. 1954, m. Patrick Matthew WHITE;
  4. John Thomas DONOHUE b. 1878, Digby, Vic., d. 1962, Hamilton, Vic.;
  5. Charles DONOHUE b. 1880, Digby, Vic., d. 1968, Hamilton, Vic.;
  6. Owen DONOHUE b. 1883, Digby, Vic., d. 1945, Casterton, Vic.;
  7. James DONOHUE b. 1885, Digby, Vic., ..............;

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