John Thompson EGAN 1811-1898
Catherine BECKLEY / BUCKLEY 1817-1853
Dinah Squire ROWE 1824-1898

Co Clare, Ireland ; Geelong ; Portland ; Coleraine ; Merino ; Heathcote and Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

John Thompson EGAN 1811-1898 was a son in the family of John EGAN & Annie McNAMARA from Co Clare, Ireland.

John EGAN & Annie McNAMARA from Co Clare, Ireland had the following family...

  1. Lawrence Mack EGAN b. c.1804, Co Clare, Ireland, d. 1891 near Penola, South Australia, m. Ann HARDY c1814-1872;

  2. Margaret EGAN b. c.1807, Co Clare, Ireland, m. James SEXTON [son Thomas SEXTON lived at "Greenwald" Station, near Dartmoor, S-W Victoria in the 1860s];

  3. Bridget EGAN b. c.1809, Co Clare, Ireland;

  4. John Thompson EGAN b. 1811, Dublin, Ireland, d. 1898, Melbourne, Australia, m.1 1842, Catherine BECKLEY / BUCKLEY, m.2 1854, Dinah Squire ROWE. [Additional details recorded below];

  5. Michael EGAN b. c.1813, Co Clare, Ireland, m. Bridget CORCORAN;

  6. Catherine EGAN b. c.1819, Co Clare, Ireland, m Henry THOMASSON;

  7. Mary Jane EGAN b. c.1823, Co Clare, Ireland, d. 1899, Queensland, Australia, m.1 1840, Henry DOUPE, m.2 1855, Thomas Beardsworth CROMPTON;

  8. Francis EGAN 1824-1874, b. Co Clare, Ireland, d. "Greenwald" Station, S-W Victoria, m. Mary ROGERS 1826-1912;

John Thompson EGAN 1811-1898

John Thompson EGAN 1811-1898, b. Dublin, Ireland, son of John EGAN and Annie McNAMARA; d. Melbourne, Victoria; 1st marriage in 1842, Melbourne, Victoria to Catherine BECKLEY / BUCKLEY b. 1817; d. 1853; 2nd marriage 1854 "Koroite" Station, Coleraine, Victoria to Dinah Squire ROWE 1824-1898, b. Devonshire, England, daughter of James ROWE and Dinah MURCH; d. Melbourne, Victoria.

John Thompson EGAN & Catherine BECKLEY / BUCKLEY had the following family...

  1. William EGAN 1843-1917, b. Hamilton, Victoria; d. Perth, Western Australia; m. 1871 at Hamilton, Victoria to Ellen ROWLER 1852-1945, b. Fyansford, Victoria to Patrick ROWLER and Elizabeth "Betsy" COONEY; 7 children; d. Perth, Western Australia.
  2. Eliza EGAN 1844-1944, b. "Mount Shadwell" Station, Victoria; m. 1866 at Dwyer's Creek, near Merino, Victoria to Andrew William FYFE 1838-1902;
  3. Francis EGAN 1847-bef 1856, b. Portland, Victoria, d...?...
  4. Catherine "Kate" EGAN 1850-1924, b. "Mount Shadwell" Station, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1879 Victoria to Charles DRENNAN c.1848-1918, b, Ireland; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  5. Ellen EGAN 1852-1926, b. Colac, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1874 Victoria to James Charles FARNDELL 1847-1912, b, London, England; d. Melbourne, Victoria.

John Thomson EGAN & Dinah Squire ROWE had the following family...

  1. Emilie Jane EGAN 1855-1924, b. "Koroite" Station Coleraine, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1885 Victoria to Francis Jenkyns SINCOCK c.1859-1913, b. Hampshire, England; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  2. Francis James Rowe EGAN 1857-1938, b. Merino, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  3. Dinah Mary EGAN 1858-1911, b. Merino, Victoria; d. ..?.. m. 1882 Victoria to William Charles WOOD ..?..
  4. Czarina (Selina) Ann EGAN 1852-1932, b. Merino, Victoria; d. England; m. 1883 Victoria to Walter Scott LAW 1852-1928, b. London, England; d. England.
  5. Charles Edward EGAN 1861-1939, b. Merino, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  6. Constance Edith EGAN 1863-1955, b. Merino, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  7. John Thompson EGAN 1867-1895, b. Casterton, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
OBITUARY : John Thmpson EGAN

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Vic.) Saturday, 25th June 1898.
MERINO (From Our Own Correspondent.) Wednesday.
It has been commented upon here that in the short outline of the late John Egan's career appearing in Tuesday's issue of the Spectator no reference is made to his Merino experiences, which must have embraced a term of at least 20 years. I believe it was in 1854 when he first came to reside here when there were only two other houses. He erected a large dwelling nearly opposite to where the Merino Inn now stands and cultivated that part of the town where the churches now are. It was very early in the sixties when he selected the splendid property of some 300 acres at Dwyer's Creek under Heales Act, which he disposed of when leaving to the late Mr Maurice Cussen, and which is now owned by Mr. W. J. Roulston. Mr Egan was a desperate lover of law, and in the early days it was rare indeed that the Digby Court held a sitting without John being on one side or the other. His propensity for impounding was also known to many to their cost. On one occasion he impounded some 1400 sheep belonging to the late Mr. Francis Henty, in the Merino pound, upon which he put the modest sum of 1s per head, that being then the rate of trespass for sheep impounded from a cultivation paddock. In a few days the sheep were again impounded with two shillings per head extra, and this time Mr. Henty thinking the trespass illegal, decided to leave them in pound for a few days until the dispute could be settled at the Digby Court of Petty Sessions, which, no doubt to the satisfaction of the poundkeeper, who, in those days received the fees instead of a fixed salary as at present, and the 25 a day coming in then, he states, was a great improvement upon the 25 a year received now. Mr Egan lost the case at Digby and was afterward sued at Hamilton County County Court for pound fees. This case he also lost, the expenses shook John to the very foundation, and for some time cooled his ardour for litigation and indeed for impounding as well. I am not aware of his having re-visited these parts since he sold out and left the neighbourhood in or about 1874, but his friends here have been well posted up with his movements since leaving, and if I mistake not he has twice re-visited his native land, Ireland. Though well known to have been so fond of strife and law Egan had many good qualities. If his friendship could be secured he was staunch and devoted. He was a most exemplary husband and parent, and brought up very respectably a large family, chiefly daughters, all now married and settled comfortably. One, I understand, is residing in England. The only daughter remaining in this district is Mrs. A. Fyfe, of Hotspur.

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