John FENNELL 1824-1878 & Sarah IND 1824-1903

Wiltshire, England; South Australia; Hotspur & Sandford, Victoria; Penola, South Australia

John FENNELL b. 1824 Wiltshire, England, son of Thomas FENNELL and Mary DUCK, married 1845 Wiltshire, England to Sarah IND b. 1824 Wiltshire, England, daughter of John IND and Ann HILLIER.

Sarah IND was the sister of George IND 1819-1898 who married Ellen NAGLE at "Merino Downs" Station in 1850.

John and Sarah FENNELL arrived in South Australia in 1846, two chn were born before they were at Hotspur in south-west Victoria where John purchased land in 1858. He also purchased land at Sandford. The family moved to South Australia and both John and sarah are buried in the Naracoorte Cemetery.

John FENNELL & Sarah IND had the the following family...

  1. Elizabeth FENNELL b. 1847, Adelaide, SA, d. 1919, m. 1877, John GLEESON 1837-1894 and they had chn at Edenhope, Victoria and Penola, South Australia;

  2. Mary Ann FENNELL b. 1849, Adelaide, SA, ........?;

  3. George FENNELL b. 1853, m1. Susanna MEPSTEAD; m2. Alice Teresa MEPSTEAD with chn at Apsley, Victoria and Penola, South Australia;

  4. Sarah FENNELL b. 1856, Hotspur, Vic, m. 1876, Benjamin Jonathon LAWRANCE and had chn in the West Wimmera;

  5. John FENNELL b. 1858 Hotspur, Vic, d. 1898, m. Mary Agnes MEPSTEAD 1868-1950 and had chn at Apsley and Penola.;

  6. Thomas FENNELL b. 1860 Crawford River (Hotspur), Vic, d. 1942, m. 1884 Isabella SHAW 1861-1930, chn at Penola.;

  7. James FENNELL b. 1863 Dwyers Creek (Henty), Vic, d. 1930, m. 1884, Jane THOMSON 1862-1950, chn at Apsley and Penola.;

  8. Mary FENNELL b. 1866 Casterton, Vic, ..........?

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