Jeremiah "Darby" FITZPATRICK c.1808-1878
Catherine "Kate" DILLON c.1815-1892

Co Clare, Ireland ; Portland, "Grassdale" station (near Digby), Ballarat, & St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia

Jeremiah "Darby" FITZPATRICK c.1808-1892, b. ___, Ireland, son of ______ and _____ was married before 1840 in Co Clare, Ireland to Catherine "Kate DILLON c.1815-1896, b. ___, Ireland, to Phillip DILLON and Ann CAMEL.

Darby FITZPATRICK (36y) & Catherine FITZPATRICK (nee DILLON) (34y) along with children Bridget (14y), Austin (7y) and Mary (3y) arrived at Portland Bay, S-W Victoria on the "Tasmania" the first immigrant shipe to arrive at Portland in November 1851 from London, England. Another son Patrick (8y) remained in Ireland and later moved to England.

Two more children were born at "Grassdale" Station (near Digby) or Portland Bay area 1852-1854 before the family moved to Ballarat where another four children were born from 1856 to 1864. Two died at young ages and were buried in the Ballarat Old Cemetery.

In the 1870s the family were farming at Swanwater, near Donald and St Arnaud where both parents died. Darby, a farmer, died in 1892, aged 84y and his widow Catherine died in 1896.

Jeremiah "Darby" FITZPATRICK and Catherine DILLON had the following known family...

  1. Bridget FITZPATRICK c.1838-1920, b. Co Clare, Ireland, d, Cobden, Victoria, m. William SPARK 1940-1915, b. Scotland, d. Cobden, Victoria, 9 children.
  2. Patrick FITZPATRICK 1843- ..?.., b. Co Clare, Ireland, d. ..?.. m. England to Naomi SHELDON 1842-..?...
  3. Austin FITZPATRICK c.1844-1910, b. Co Clare, Ireland, d. St Arnaud, Victoria, m. Bridget HOGAN c.1843-1919, b. ...?... to Michael HOGAN and Mary QUINN, d. st arnaud, Victoria, no children.
  4. Mary FITZPATRICK c.1846-1939, b. Co Clare, Ireland, d. Ballarat, Victoria, m. Thomas CAINE c.1847-1903, b. Co Limerick, Ireland, d. St Arnaud, Victoria, 5 children.
  5. John FITZPATRICK 1852-1859, b. "Grassdale" station (near Digby), Victoria, d. Ballarat, Victoria.
  6. Ann FITZPATRICK c.1854-1855, Portland district, d. ..?..., Victoria.
  7. Catherine FITZPATRICK 1856-1859, b. Ballarat, Victoria, d. Ballarat, Victoria.
  8. Thomas FITZPATRICK 1859-1930, b. Ballarat, Victoria, d. St Arnaud, Victoria, m. Bridget CAINE 1870-1930, b. Ellerslie, Victoria, d. St Arnaud, Victoria, 10 children.
  9. Michael FITZPATRICK 1861-1944, b. Ballarat, Victoria, d. Chewton, Victoria, m1. Margaret KELLY 1869-1899, b. Creswick, Victoria to Robert KELLY and Mary McMAHON, d. Charlton, Victoria (6 children); m2. Ellen HOYE c. 1867-1920, b. Co Clare, Ireland, to Michael HOYE and ...?..., d. Charlton, Victoria, 4 children.
  10. Catherine FITZPATRICK 1864-1978, b. Ballarat, Victoria, d. St Arnaud, Victoria?

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