Charles GALE c.1833-1877
Mary McPHEE 1828-1920

Scotland ; "Ardachy" Digby-Branxholme & Hamilton, S-W Victoria, Australia

Charles GALE was born ~1833 on the Isle of Skye, son of Charles GALE and Jane MUNDAY and had arrived in S-W Victoria by 1853.

Charles GALE married Mary McPHEE, b. Isle of Mull, Scotland, daughter of Donald McPHEE & Mary McINNES an 1853 at "Ardachy" Station Digby-Branxholme, S-W Victoria, Australia.

Their first daughter, Jane was christened at Digby, S-W Victoria in 1855.

Charles GALE died at Hamilton, S-W Victoria in 1877 and his widow Mary also died there in 1920.

Charles GALE & Mary McPHEE had the following known family...

  1. Jane "Jean" GALE b. 1854, Dundas, S-W Vic, d. 1936, Deniliquin, NSW, m. Alexander MUNRO 1851-1927;
  2. Sarah Jane GALE b. 1859, Hamilton, S-W Vic, d. 1938, m. Charles LANDERS 1855-1917;
  3. Daniel GALE b. 1861, Glenorchy, Vic, d. 1872, Hamilton, S-W Vic.;
  4. Charles GALE b. 1863, Dunkeld, Vic., d. 1944, Hamilton, S-W Vic.;
  5. Mary GALE b. 1865, Mount Gambier, SA, d. 1938, Dimboola, Vic., m. George LANDERS 1857-1938.;
  6. Margaret GALE b. 1868, Mount Gambier, SA, d. 1912, Hamilton, S-W Vic., m. Henry Christopher COX 1865-1945.

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