George GARRIE c.1825-..?..
Isabella Mason COOK 1838-..?..

Arbroath, Scotland ; Mosquito Plains (Naracoorte), South Australia & (1856) Digby, S-W Victoria, Australia

George GARRIE b. c.1825, ________, son of ________ was married in 1852, in the Presbyterian Church, Portland, S-W Victoria, Australia to Isabella Mason COOK, b. 1838 Arbroath, Scotland, daughter of Alexander COOK and Lindsay GEARY. Isabella COOK, her parents and three siblings (Alexander, Elizabeth and Jenny) had arrived from Scotland at Port Phillip in 1849.

George GARRIE with partner Hugh WARD had land at Mosquito Plains (Naracoorte), South Australia from 1848 to 1856, after which they planned to move to New Zealand. Hugh WARD married Elizabeth COOK (Isabella's sister) at Adelaide, South Australia in 1854. Elizabeth was killed by the wheel of a dray when the families were leaving Naracoorte for New Zealand in June 1856.

George GARRIE and his wife Isabella had two children christened at Digby, S-W Victoria in 1856.

Perhaps the families continued with the plan to move to New Zealand in 1856 ?????

George GARRIE & Isabella Mason COOK had the following known children:

  1. George Alexander GARRIE b. 1853, ____, chr. 1856, Digby, S-W Victoria, ...........?;

  2. Sarah GARRIE b. 1855, _____, chr. 1856, Digby, S-W Victoria, ...........?;

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