James GILCHRIST 1827-1908 & Jessie McGREGOR 1834-1914

Sutherland, Sct; "Kangaroo Station" Digby, Vic & Sunbury, Vic, Aus.

James GILCHRIST b. 1827 Clyne, Sutherlandshire, Scotland, son of William GILCHRIST and Isabelle URQUHART married in 1854, Edinburgh, Scotland to Jessie McGREGOR b. 1834 Sutherlandshire, Scotland, daughter of Andrew McGREGOR and Jane SUTHERLAND.

James GILCHRIST was a member of the Digby Ancient Order of Foresters from 1862-1871.

The family appears to have moved to Melbourne after 1871.

James GILCHRIST and Jessie McGREGOR had the following known children...

  1. John GILCHRIST b. 1856, d. 1939;
  2. Andrew GILCHRIST b. 1857, .........?;
  3. Jane GILCHRIST b. 1859 "Kangaroo" Station (nr Digby), Vic, d. 1915, m. William Ross McKENZIE;
  4. Annabella GILCHRIST b. 1862 Digby, Vic, d. 1913;
  5. James Henry GILCHRIST b. 1866 Digby, Vic, d. 1934, m. Isabella STRAUGHAN.

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