Alexander GILLIES 1830-1921
Eliza Gill McDONALD 1835-1899

Scotland; Rokewood; Lake Mundi, Casterton, S-W Victoria & Penola, South Australia

Alexander GILLIES, b. 1830 Loch Carron, Ross, Scotland, son of John GILLIES and Eliza CAMERON, was married in 1859 at Shelford, Victoria to Eliza Gill McDONALD, b. 1835, Dariot, Scotland, daughter of Ewan McDONALD and Janet McBAIN.

It appears that Alexander GILLIES and family moved from the Rokewood area, south of Ballarat, Vic., to the Lake Mundi area, west of Casterton, S-W Victoria and Penola in South Australia.

Alexander and Eliza GILLIES were buried at Penola, South Australia in 1921 and 1899 respectively.

Alexander GILLIES and Eliza Gill McDONALD had the following family...

  1. Jessie GILLIES b. 1860, Nard___, Vic, d. 1938, Casterton, S-W Victoria;

  2. John Hugh GILLIES b. 1862, Rokewood, Victoria, d. 1951, Mount Gambier, SA, m. Ada Matilda DAVIS 1877-1926;

  3. Eliza GILLIES b. 1865, Rokewood, Victoria, d. 1940, Casterton, S-W Victoria;

  4. Margaret Christian GILLIES b. 1867, Rokewood, Victoria, d. 1957, Hamilton, S-W Victoria m. James McCALMAN 1861-1937;

  5. Ann GILLIES b. 1871, Lake Mundi, S-W Victoria, d. 1965, Merino, S-W Victoria, m. George McDonnell BOYLE c. 1856-1948;

  6. Christina GILLIES b. 1875, Lake Mundi, S-W Victoria, d. 1924, Hamilton, S-W Victoria, m. Hugh CLARK 1878-1962;

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