Thomas GLEESON 1849-1926 & Hannah Mountford JOHNSON 1858-1931

Kyneton, Victoria & Hotspur, S-W Victoria, Australia

Thomas James GLEESON b 1849 Colac, Port Phillip District, Colony of NSW, son of Michael GLEESON and Margaret McCARTHY married in 1881 to Hannah Mountford JOHNSON b. 1858, Kyneton, Victoria, daughter of George Walker JOHNSON and his second wife Ann ELLISON.

Thomas & Hannah GLEESON had the following family:

  1. James Mountford GLEESON b. 1881, Kyneton, Vic, m. Catherine May BYRNE;
  2. female GLEESON b. 1882, Kyneton, Vic;
  3. Michael Charles GLEESON b. 1883, Kyneton, Vic;
  4. Thomas Joseph GLEESON b. 1885, Vic, m. Vera May YOUNG;
  5. Margaret Mary GLEESON b. 1887, Vic, m. Francis Russell YOUNG;
  6. George Walker GLEESON b. 1888, Dooboobetic, Vic;
  7. John William GLEESON b. 1890 Dooboobetic, Vic;
  8. Edward Loyola GLEESON b. 1892, Hotspur, Vic;
  9. Ann Ellison GLEESON b. 1893, Hotspur, Vic, m. Edward MURPHY;
  10. Lionel Robert GLEESON b. 1895, Hotspur, Vic, m. Grace Muriel MANDERSON;
  11. Mary Hannah GLEESON b.1897, Hotspur, Vic, m. Jack BROPHY;
  12. Clement Pomeroy GLEESON b. 1898, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1898;
  13. Helen Elizabeth GLEESON b. 1901, Hotspur, Vic, m. Russell Henry TRANGMAR.

GLEESON. E., G., J. & L., each have a tree in the Hotspur WW1 Avenue of Honor and all are listed on the Hotspur Honor Roll as soldiers from State School No. 1260, Hotspur who saw active service during World War 1 with the AIF. There is a photograph of the four brothers in WW1 uniform on p.251 of "Tapestry" by Vanda Saville, published in 1979.

Daryl Povey

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