George Darvill GRACE 1827-1884 & Agnes Sarah BROWN 1832-1914

Dartmoor, S-W Victoria & Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

George Darvill GRACE b. 1827, Buckinghamshire, England, son of Thomas GRACE and Sarah DARVILL was married in 1855, Melbourne, Victoria to Agnes Sarah BROWN b. 1832 Belfast, Ireland, daughter of Alan Gardiner BROWN and Agnes McWILLIAM.

George Darvill GRACE held the "Glenelg" Pastoral Run, south-west of Dartmoor from 1861 to 1864 with at least two of his children born in the area at this time.

George Darvill GRACE and Agnes Sarah BROWN had the following family:

  1. Henry Beresford GRACE b. 1856, Prahran, Vic, m. Fanny SHREW;
  2. Florence / Harriet Ann GRACE b. 1858, Prahran, Vic, m. ___ WILLIAMS
  3. Agnes Sarah GRACE b. 1860, Prahran, Vic, m. George Blakiston ROBINSON;
  4. George Darvill GRACE b. 1861, d. 1861, Prahran, Vic;
  5. Kate Georgina GRACE b. 1862, Prahran, Vic, .......?;
  6. Allan Gardiner George GRACE b. 1864, Dartmoor, Vic, m. Eleanor Beatrice BROWN;
  7. Eliza Margaret GRACE b. 1865, Dartmoor, Vic, m. William Frederick VALE;
  8. William GRACE b. 1868, Prahran, Vic, .....?;
  9. James Dennistoun GRACE b. 1870, Prahran, Vic, m. Lillian Alla Frances May BELL;

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