Robert Cuthbert HANSON ~1832-1913 b. Forfarshire, Scotland
Jane Frances NICHOLSON ~1833-1897 Co Tipperary, Ireland

Forfarshire, Scotland ; Co Tipperary, Ireland ; Digby & Hotspur, S-W Victoria (1852) ; Tasmania (1878), Australia

Robert Cuthbert HANSON b. ~1832 Forfarshire, Scotland, son of Thomas HANSON and Mary CUTHBERT and his wife Jane Frances NICHOLSON b. ~1833 Co Tipperary, Ireland, daughter of ____ and ____ arrived at Portland Bay, S-W Victoria in 1852 on the "Flora McDonald". They were sponsored by the COLDHAM brothers of "Crawford" and were probably employed on their "Grassdale" or "Audley" Stations near Digby & Branxholme, S-W Victoria, before moving to the Colac, Geelong & Steiglitz areas of Western Victoria.

Robert and Jane lived in various areas of Victora until 1878 when they crossed the stormy seas of Bass Strait and settled at Waratah, Tasmania. Robert owned two houses there and was a member of the Waratah Road Trust. He died in 1913 at Latrobe. Jane died in 1897 of perotonitis at Waratah, Tasmania and is buried at Warath Cemetery.

Robert & Jane HANSON had the following family:

  1. Elizabeth HANSON b. 1853, Portland, Vic, d. 1854
  2. Mary HANSON b. 1854, Geelong, Vic, m. John HODGES
  3. Robert Francis HANSON b. 1857, Colac, Vic, m. Agnes GRAHAM
  4. William HANSON b. 1858, Gellibrand, Vic, m. Alice Jane RADFORD
  5. Thomas HANSON b. 1860, Steiglitz, Vic, m. Ellen RICHARDS
  6. Ann HANSON b. 1862, Steiglitz, Vic, m. George ALEXANDER
  7. Samuel HANSON b. 1865, d. 1865, Morrisons, Vic
  8. George HANSON b. 1866, Durham Lead, Vic, m. Elizabeth 'Bessie' HOLLAND
  9. Edwin Murray HANSON b. 1868, Durham Lead, Vic, m. Sarah ALFORD

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