Robert HAWORTH 1833-1915
Jane HETHERINGTON 1839-1922

Merino & Digby & Mildura, Victoria, Australia

Robert HAWORTH 1833-1915, b. Lancashire, England, son of John HAWORTH and Mary RUSHTON and Jane HETHERINGTON c.1839-1922, b. ....... daughter of William HETHERINGTON and Ann ELLIOTT, were married in Merino, S-W Victoria, Australia in 1861.

Robert HAWORTH arrived in Victoria as a 25 year old in 1858 and was builder involved in the construction of the Merino Flour Mill in 1858. He was a sawmiller in business with Thomas BURGESS of Digby 1877-86.

Robert HAWORTH and family moved from Digby to Mildura in 1888. Robert died at Mildura in 1915 and his widow Jane then returned to Digby to live with her daughter, Jane SHARP, and died there in 1922. She was buried in the Digby cemetery as was her daughter Mary (23y) after falling into a well at the Digby spring in 1886.

1911 : 50th Wedding Anniversary at Mildura...

"The Mildura Cultivator" (Vic.) Saturday, 14th October 1911. Mr and Mrs Robert Haworth, whose golden wedding day fell on Sunday the 1st October, were on the following evening visited by a large number of friends, who came as a surprise party. The visitors brought presents with them and also refreshments and they simply took charge of the house, the happy couple having nothing to do but to beam on the company and enjoy themselves to the full. And they certainly had a very good time. Subsequently, last Tuesday evening, when the new evangelist of the Church of Christ was being welcomed, Mr and Mrs Haworth were further deservedly honored and a presentation was made to them. The couple, who were married in Merino (Vic) on the 1st October, 1861, have been resident in Mildura almost since its inception, having arrived on the 18th September, 1888. Mr Haworth had then been 30 years in the colony, having arrived from the old country on his 25th birthday, the 8th November, 1858. He will be 78 years of age next month. He and Mrs Haworth have a family of six, five of whom lived for some years in Mildura. Mr John C. Haworth, Mr James W. Haworth and Mrs Tuckett (all married) reside in Western Australia, "Bob" is in the Western District and George, who went to South Africa at the time of the Boer war, is probably now on his way home, coming via America. The eldest son, William, lives in the Western District with his wife and family of six and will probably be joined shortly by father and mother, who are thinking of leaving Mildura. The worthy old couple have had many ups and downs in their life, but they are spending a happy eventide and rejoice to know that their friends are still many in number and are still sufficiently interested to celebrate the red-letter day of their lives.

Robert HAWORTH & Jane HETHERINGTON had the following family:

  1. William HAWORTH 1861-1937, b. Merino, S-W Victoria, farmer of "Kangaroo Park" Condah, S-W Victoria, d. Mildura, N-W Victoria, m. 1900 to Julia Margery TODD 1870-1923, b. Hamilton, S-W Victoria to John TODD and Christian McKELLAR, d. Hamilton, S-W Victoria.

  2. John Charles HAWORTH 1863-1919, b. Merino, S-W Victoria, d. Perth, Western Australia, m. 1899, Norseman, Western Australia to Ellen Victoria SEMMENS 1875-1954, b. South Australia, d. South Australia.

  3. Mary HAWORTH 1864-1886, b. Merino, S-W Victoria, d. Digby, S-W Victoria. [Drowned in a well at the Digby spring.]

  4. Jane HAWORTH 1866-1955, b. Merino, S-W Victoria, m. 1888, Digby, S-W Victoria to Robert SHARP 1858-1933, b. Hotspur, S-W Victoria to Jeremiah Robert SHARP and Sarah Ann SMITH, d. Digby, S-W Victoria.

  5. Annie "Nin" HAWORTH 1868-1943, b. Merino, S-W Victoria, d. Perth, Western Australia, m. 1900 at Broome, Western Australia to Frederick William TUCKETT 1873-1922, b. Beaufort, Victoria, d. Perth, Western Australia.

  6. Robert Arthur HAWORTH 1871-1943, b. Merino, S-W Victoria, d. Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1920 to Euphemia Agnes "Effie" BERTRAM 1880-1963, b. Melbourne, Victoria to Adam BERTRAM and Barbara Fyfe ROBERTSON, d. Melbourne, Victoria. Robert HAWORTH served with the Light Horse in WW1 and died while serving in Melbourne in WW2 with the Australian Army Medical Corps.
    • 1915, Jul 14 : enlisted, Tpr 1486, 4th Light Horse Regiment, AIF
    • 1915, Aug 20 : farewelled at Digby for overseas service, Tpr 1486, 4th Light Horse Regiment, AIF
    • 1915, Oct 29 : embarked "Polermo" at Melbourne, Tpr 1486, 4th Light Horse Regiment, AIF
    • 1915, Dec : at Heliopolis Camp, Egypt, Tpr 1486, 4th Light Horse Regiment, AIF
    • 1917, Jul 31 : Marakeb, Middle East, transferred to, 3rd Light Horse Field Ambulance, AIF
    • 1919, Sep 16 : discharged at Melbourne, 3rd Light Horse Field Ambulance, AIF
    • 1920 : Digby Avenue of Honour Tree No 31 : planted by Miss Florrie SHARP
    • 1939-1943 : WW2 service, Pte. Australian Army Medical Corps
    • 1943, Sep 8 : died of illness, Heidelberg, Melbourne ; buried Springvale War Cemetery

  7. James W HAWORTH 1874-1939, b. Merino, S-W Victoria, d. 1939, Mount Magnet, Western Australia, m. 1902 at Norseman, WA to Lucy Grace LEAR 1876-1925.

  8. George HAWORTH 1875-...?..., b. Merino, S-W Victoria, d. .....?...... He was a Post & telegraph Operator at Mildura Postoffice in 1899, resigned and went to South Africa in 1899, joined the Post & telegraph service there, served in the Boer War, moved to Vancouver Canada by 1911, then ....?....
    • 1899 : left Mildura for South Africa.
      "The Mildura Cultivator" (Vic.) Saturday, 14th October 1899.
      At its ordinary meeting on the 2nd October the Mildura Branch of the A.N.A. accepted Mr. George Haworth's resignation of the secretaryship and appointed Mr. F. W. Scott as his successor. Mr. J. Considine was elected to succeed Mr. Scott as treasurer, and Mr. A. Appleby was chosen to fill the vacant seat on the committee. The President, Mr. E. W. Burbury, referred briefly to Mr. Haworth's pending departure for South Africa, and on behalf of the members wished him good luck and bon voyage. At the conclusion of the meeting the committee and officers invited Mr. Haworth to a slight repast, when his health was proposed by the President and heartily drunk, several of the gentlemen present bearing testimony to the valuable work done by "George" both at the time of the inception of the local branch and throughout the period which has since elapsed. The ex-secretary replied briefly, wishing the Association and its members continued and greater success. George left for Swan Hill by the coach on the following evening, and last Tuesday embarked from Melbourne in the Wilcannia. He hopes to obtain employment with one of the South African Telegraph Departments, operators being at present in great demand.
    • 1900 : Post & Telegraph employee in South Africa.
      "The Mildura Cultivator" (Vic.) Saturday, 7th April 1900.
      A letter received from Mr. George Haworth on Monday announces that he has left the Natal postal service for a position in the East Londan Post-office, Cape Colony. He reckon himself fortunate in getting a permanent position so soon after his arrival in South Africa. George forwarded the report of a cricket match played between Bethune's Mounted Infantry and a Greytown eleven, in which he bowled succesfully for the latter team, keeping up his Mildura reputation by securing 5 wickets for 14 runs in eight overs. One of his victims was Earl de la Warr. Greytown scored 17 and 73, and B.M.I. 40, and 29 for three wickets. A Johanesburg man named Froode played havoc with the Greytown men in the 1st innings, securing 6 wickets for three runs, five wickets being taken with successive balls.
    • 1900 : Boer War service, Tpr 12517, Border Horse ...?...
      "The Mildura Cultivator" (Vic.) Saturday, 5th January 1901.
      Mr George Haworth, late of the Mildura Postoffice has an important position at Rustenberg--60 miles west of Pretoria, the Transvaal Post and Telegraph Departments being now under British administration. Writing from that town on November 23 to his father and mother he remarked, "I have finished fighting. At the end of last month I was offered an appointment in the "Transvaal Telegraphs" and accepted it, gettine my discharge granted on October 25. Upon reporting myself at Pretoria I was asked to come out to Rustenburg where I am getting 250 a year. Rustenberg is a small country place, but at pretent very important, as the Boers are holding positions all round. There are four British columns working in this direction, including some of the Victorian Mounted Riflemen.......... It will be some months yet before the war is ended, and it is going to take the country a couple of years to pull together. Then there will be a boom (in which some will he fortunate and others unfortunate). We who have earned a footing should get on fairly well." George was in good health when he wrote and inspite of having been in many hot corners during his fighting experience he came through with scarcely a scratch.

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