Robert Henry HEAZLEWOOD 1840-1921 & Joan DUFF c1847-1932

Tasmania, Portland, Tahara, Digby, Victoria, Australia

Robert Henry HEAZLEWOOD b. 1840, Launceston, Tasmania, son of Robert Henry HEAZLEWOOD and Mary Ann GURR, was married in 1865 to Joan DUFF, b. 1847, daghter of Walter DUFF and Margaret JOHNSTONE.

Robert HEAZLEWOOD & Margaret JOHNSTONE had the following children:

  1. Robert Henry HEAZLEWOOD b. 1866, Portland, Vic, d. 1902;
  2. Mary Jane HEAZLEWOOD b 1868, Tahara, Vic, m. James TAYLOR;
  3. Margaret Alice HEAZLEWOOD b. 1871 Merino, Vic, m. Carl August NOLTE;
  4. Annie Cecilia HEAZLEWOOD b. 1873, Tahara, Vic, m. Arthur Robert BURGESS;
  5. Florence Agnes Mary HEAZLEWOOD b. 1875, Digby, Vic, m. William BROBEN;
  6. Amy Elizabeth HEAZLEWOOD b. 1878, Digby, Vic, d. 1966;
  7. Walter James HEAZLEWOOD b. 1881, Digby, Vic, d. 1914;
  8. William George HEAZLEWOOD b. 1884, Digby, Vic, d. 1962
    • WW1 1st AIF, Gnr 11954, 3rd Field Artillery Brigade
    • enlisted 30-07-1915, RTA 20-12-1917
    • Digby Avenue of Honour Tree No 36, planted by Mrs HEAZLEWOOD
  9. Edith Helena HEAZLEWOOD b. 1887, Digby, Vic, m. William Rhodes BRYCE;
  10. Laura Irene HEAZLEWOOD b. 1891, Digby, Vic, m. Edward ATKINSON.

1880 - R. H. HAZELWOOD listed as Chief Ranger for Court Perseverance No 3319, Ancient Order of Foresters at Digby.

Most of the children were attending Digby School between 1883 and 1893.

Daryl Povey

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