Nehemiah HENWOOD c1824-1879 & Lydia BURKE c1824-1861

Digby, S-W Victoria, & Lallee, South Australia

Nehemiah HENWOOD, b. ~1824, d. 1879, Mingbool, South Australia was a grazier from "Lalee" Station, Mount Gambier, South Australia and was married to Lydia BURKE, c1824-1861.

Nehemiah may have been the Nathanial HENWOOD listed as occupier of the Glenaulin No. 2 Pastoral Run, south west of Hotspur in 1853.

Nehemiah HENWOOD & Lydia BURKE had the following known children:

  1. Mary Anne HENWOOD b. 1854, chr 1855, Digby, Vic, m. William Robert CORNELL;
  2. John Charles HENWOOD b. c1856, m. Mary Jane WILLIAMS;
  3. Frances Laura HENWOOD b. 1858, d. 1860, SA;
  4. Thomas Lord HENWOOD b. 1858, Lallee, South Australia;
  5. Isabella Lydia HENWOOD b. 1860, Lallee, SA, m. James Joseph MURPHY;

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