William HOPKINS 1826-1877 & Ann McLACHLAN 1828-?

Digby, S-W Victoria, & Penola, S-E South Australia

William HOPKINS b. 1826 London, England was married in 1855 at the Wannon, Vic to Ann McLACHLAN b. 1828 Argyleshire, Scotland.

William HOPKINS & Ann McLACHLAN had the following children:

  1. Sophia HOPKINS b. 1856, near Penola, SA;
  2. John HOPKINS b. 1858,
  3. James HOPKINS b. 1862, Digby, Vic.

Ann McLACHLAN may be be a sister or relative of Peter McLACHLAN, a shoemaker at Digby who had a family born in Digby around the same time as these children.

Daryl Povey

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