William HOPKINS c.1826-1877
Anne McLACHLAN c.1828-..?..

London, England ; Argyllshire, Scotland ; Wando Vale & Digby, S-W Victoria & Penola, S-E South Australia

William HOPKINS b. c.1826 London, England to George Francis HOPKINS and Sophia REA, was married in 1855 at the Parsonage on the Wannon (Coleraine-Merino), S-W Victoria, to Anne McLACHLAN b. c.1828 Argyllshire, Scotland to Lachlan McLACHLAN and Mary McDONALD.

At the time of his marriage William HOPKINS was wheelwright of "Cashmere" Station, Wando Vale, near Casterton, Victoria and Anne McLACHLAN was at "Wando" Station, Wando Vale, near Casterton, Victoria.

A daughter was born near Penola, South Australia in 1856 and a son was born at Digby, Victoria in 1862.

Ann McLACHLAN may be a relative of the Peter McLACHLAN, shoemaker at Digby, Victoria, also from Argyllshire, Scotland, who was living at Digby, Victoria from 1853 to 1888.

William HOPKINS may have died in 1877 near Dookie, Victoria. If so, what about the remainder of the family ...?...

William HOPKINS & Ann McLACHLAN had the following known children:

  1. Sophia HOPKINS b. 1856, near Penola, South Australia;
  2. John HOPKINS b. 1858, ...?...
  3. James HOPKINS b. 1862, Digby, S-W Victoria.

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