August KRUEGER c1842-1922
Catherine McMAHON c1845-1903
Emilie FIEDLER 1874-1958

Posen, Pussia ; Co Limmerick, Ireland ; Mount Gambier, SA ; "Rifle Downs" Digby, S-W Victoria ; Albury, NSW, Australia

August KRUEGER b. 1842 Posen, Prussia, son of Carl Wilhelm "Charles" KRUEGER arrived in the Colony of South Australia with his father on the "Emmy" aged 7y. His mother had died on the voyage.

Catherine McMAHON was b. ~1845 Co Limerick, Ireland and arrived in South Australia before 1862.

August KRUEGER was married in 1862 at Mount Gambier, South Australia to Catherine McMAHON and yhey were at "Rifle Downs" station, near Digby, S-W Victoria when their first child was born in 1863. Their next 3 children wete born back at Mount Gambier, S-W SA from 1864-1868.

In about 1869 they moved to the Albury district of NSW, where August established a tannery business. 4 more children were born at Albury, NSW from 1870 to 1880. August's wife Catherine died there in 1903 and he married again in Adelaide, SA to Emilie FIEDLER of Tanunda, SA, and they had 5 children born at Albury, NSW from 1904 to 1911. August died at Albury in 1922, and his second wife Emily died there in 1958.

August KRUEGER & Catherine McMAHON (1st wife) had the following children...

  1. Charles Henry KRUEGER b. 1863 "Rifle Downs" Digby, Vic, d. 1930, Bendigo, Vic., m. Julia HAMILTON 1864-1915;
  2. Marie Elizabeth KRUEGER b. 1864, d. 1866 Mt Gambier, SA;
  3. Wilhelm August KRUEGER b. 1866, Mt Gambier, SA, d. 1938, NSW, m. Frances Charlotte BARRETT 1877-1920;
  4. Catherine Louise KRUEGER b. 1868, Mt Gambier, SA, d. 1912, NSW, m.1 Lous REIFF; m.2 Heylin JONES
  5. Clara Amelia KRUEGER b. 1870, Albury, NSW, d. 1938 m. Percival PULLAN;
  6. Edward KRUEGER b. 1872, d. 1872, Albury, NSW
  7. Mary KRUEGER b. 1874, d. 1874, Albury, NSW
  8. Lydia Martha KRUEGER b. 1880, Albury, NSW, d. 1953, Melbourne, Vic., m. Matthew William KELLY 1879-1939

August KRUEGER & Emilie FIEDLER (2nd wife) had the following children...

  1. Paul Oscar KRUEGER b. 1904 Albury, NSW, d. 1975, NSW m. Mary Hazel DAVIES;
  2. Alfred Edward KRUEGER b. ~1905, ...........
  3. Victor Albert KRUEGER b. 1906, Albury, NSW d. 1976, Albury, NSW
  4. Alma O KRUEGER b. 1908, Albury, NSW, ..........
  5. Anna B KRUEGER b. 1911, Albury, NSW, ..........

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