John LAWTON abt. 1810-?
Ann "Nancy" NESTOR c.1813-1884

"Merino Downs" Station, Chetwynd & Digby, S-W Victoria, Australia

It appears that John LAWTON ~1810- ? son of .... and .... and Ann "Nancy" NESTOR ~1813-1884, daughter of Michael NESTOR had a number of children in south-western Victoria in the 1840s after an 1842 marriage in the Melbourne & Geelong R-C Parish, Port Phillip District, Colony of New South Wales(Victoria).

It appears that John LAWTON probably died (or disappeared) by 1851 as Ann LAWTON (nee NESTOR) married Jasper WOOD a Saddler and Shoemaker from Merino, S-W Victoria in 1851 and they had a daughter Mary Ann WOOD b. c.1851 and d. 1858, aged 7y.

John LAWTON and Ann "Nancy NESTOR appear to have had the following four children...

  1. Sarah LAWTON 1842-1920 & James MALONEY 1831-1903

    Sarah LAWTON b. c.1842 Portland Bay district (Victoria) was married in 1858 at Merino, S-W Victoria to James MALONEY b. c.1831, Co Tipperary, Ireland. James and Sarak MALONEY had a large family at Merino, S-W Victoria. James died in 1903 in the Hamilton hospital and sarah also died there in 1920.
    James MALONEY and Sarah LAWTON had the following known family...

    1. Mary Ann MALONEY b. 1859, Merino, S-W Victoria, d. ....., m. 1880 to James William CLARK 1857-1920, b. Penshurst, S-W Victoria.
    2. Patrick MALONEY b. 1861, Merino, S-W Victoria, d. 1890, Coleraine, S-W Victoria, m. 1888 to Hannah "Annie" MUSGRAVE 1858-1932, b. Coleraine, S-W Victoria, d. Adelaide, South Australia.
    3. Ann Catherine MALONEY b. 1863, Merino, S-W Victoria, d. .......
    4. James MALONEY b. 1865, Merino, S-W Victoria, d. .......
    5. Daniel John MALONEY b. 1868, Merino, S-W Victoria, d. 1931, Melbourne, Victoria.
    6. Thomas Michael MALONEY b. 1870, d. 1876, Merino, S-W Victoria.
    7. Sarah Ellen MALONEY b. 1873, Merino, S-W Victoria, d. ....., m. 1892 to Richard BENT (2 children then ...?...)
    8. Matthew MALONEY b. 1876, Merino, S-W Victoria, d. 1963, Ballarat, Victoria, m. ...?...
    9. Andrew MALONEY b. 1878, Merino, S-W Victoria, d. 1910, Hamilton, S-W Victoria, m. ...?...
    10. Micharel Thomas MALONEY b. 1884, Merino, S-W Victoria, d. 1959, Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1907 to Everlyne Lasa Laura MEPSTEAD 1889-1955, b. Penola, South Australia, d, Melbourne, Victoria.

  2. John LAWTON 1845-1929 & Annie McLEAN 1852-1885

    John LAWTON b. c.1845 "Merino Downs" Station, Portland Bay district, d. 1929 Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1867 at Hotspur, S-W Victoria to Annie McLEAN b. c.1852, Isle of Skye, Scotland to Lachlan McLEAN and Janet McSWAIN.
    John LAWTON and Annie McLEAN had the following family...

    1. James Emanuel LAWTON b. 1868, Hotspur, S-W Victoria, .....?....;
    2. Mary Ann LAWTON b. 1870, Digby, S-W Victoria, d. 1876, Tahara (near Merino), S-W Victoria.
    3. Helen "Nellie" LAWTON b. 1873, Hotspur, S-W Victoria, d. 1935, Hamilton, S-W Victoria, m. 1895 to Samuel PRICE, b. 1870 Heywood, S-W Victoria, d. 1932, NSW.
    4. John Michael LAWTON b. 1875, Merino, S-W Victoria, d. 1962, Griffith, NSW, m. Mary "May" ....;
    5. Anne Jennet LAWTON b. 1878, d. 1878, Digby, S-W Victoria.
    6. Walter Herbert LAWTON b. 1879 Digby, S-W Victoria, d. 1949, Wagga Wagga, NSW, m. Elizabeth May PERRY.;
    7. Florence Rachel LAWTON b. 1882 Digby, S-W Victoria, d. 1885, Casterton, S-W Victoria.

  3. Thomas LAWTON 1849-1933 & Catherine FINLAY 1857-1940

    Thomas LAWTON b. c.1849 "Merino Downs" station, S-W Victoria was married in 1874 in Victoria to Catherine FINLAY b. 1857, Digby, S-W Victoria to Thomas Finney FINLAY and Christian KILPATRICK. Thomas died at Merino in 1933 and Catherine died at Digby in 1940, and both are buried in the Digby cemetery.
    Thomas LAWTON and Catherine FINLAY had the following family...

    1. Mary Ann LAWTON b. 1875, Digby, S-W Victoria, d. 1887, Digby, S-W Victoria.
    2. Matilda Christian LAWTON b. 1879, Digby, S-W Victoria, d. 1924, Melbourne, Victoria.
    3. Edward Thomas LAWTON b. 1881, Digby, S-W Victoria, d. 1957, Geelong, Victoria, m. 1909 to Augusta Eliza Jane "Gussie" HARVEY 1874-1956, b. Digby, S-W Victoria, d. Geelong, Victoria.
    4. Anne LAWTON b. 1884, Digby, S-W Victoria, d. 1933, Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1908 to John William GATON c.1882-1944, b. Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom, d. Melbourne, Victoria.
    5. Thomas James LAWTON b. 1886, Digby, S-W Victoria, d. 1903, Digby, S-W Victoria.
    6. Helen Catharine LAWTON b. 1891, Digby, S-W Victoria, d. 1983, Merino, S-W Victoria, m. 1916 to Robert Henry 'Harry' HOBBES 1880-1970, b. Digby, S-W Victoria, d. Merino, S-W Victoria;
    7. John LAWTON [M.M.] b. 1895 Digby, S-W Victoria, d. 1959, Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1924 to Olive Annie May WORRELL 1899-1981, b. Melbourne, Victoria, d. Melbourne, Victoria. John LAWTON served with the 1st AIF
      • enlisted 20-07-1915, Pte 4249, 8th Battalion, AIF
      • embarked 29-12-1915, Melbourne, Victoria, Pte 8th 4249, Battalion, AIF
      • awarded M.M. for actions on 2-04-1918 near Ypres, L/Cpl 4249, 8th Battalion, AIF
      • embarked from England for RTA 4-12-1918
      • Digby Avenue of Honour Tree No 20, planted by Master Allan TAYLOR

  4. James LAWTON 1851-1934 & Susannah WHYTE 1959-1925

    James LAWTON b. 1851 "Chetwynd" Station, S-W Victoria was married in 1876 in Victoria to Susannah WHYTE b. 1859, Digby, S-W Victoria to Charles McBeath WHYTE and Susannah HICKS. Susannah died in Melbourne in 1925 and James died in Queensland in 1934.

    James LAWTON and Susannah WHYTE had the following family...

    1. Rev. John Thomas LAWTON b. 1878, Grassdale (near Digby), S-W Victoria, d. 1944, Melbourne, Vic., m. 1910, Victoria to Bertha Maria DAVIES, b. 1880 Sale, Victoria to William Leader DAVIES and Sarah NICHOLLS. John served with the 1st AIF as a chaplain....

    2. Charles McBeath LAWTON b. 1880, Grassdale (near Digby), S-W Victoria, d. 1967, Queensland, m. 1910, Melbourne, Victoria to Anna Jane GILMORE b. 1887 Thornton, Victoria to Hugh GILMORE and Sarah Jane BARKER. Before 1920 this family was running a grazing property near Warwick, Queensland.

    3. Male LAWTON b. 1882, d. 1882, Grassdale (near Digby), S-W Victoria;

    4. Francis James LAWTON b. 1884, Grassdale (near Digby), S-W Victoria, b. 1954, Deneiliquin, NSW, m. 1919, Victoria to Agnes THORBURN, b. 1886 Laang (near Warrnambool), S-W Victoria, d. 1958, Tocumwal, NSW. This family farmed from 1921 at "Dunvegan" South Coree (near Jerilderie), New South Wales, Australia. Francis was a Police Constable at Russell-street, Police Barracks in 1914 when he enlisted in the AIF and served at Gallipoli and France from 1915-1918...
      • enlisted 25 Sep 1914 as Dvr 2464, 10th Coy, Australian Service Corps, AIF
      • landed Gallipoli in Aug 1915 as Sgt 2464, 10th Coy, Australian Service Corps, AIF
      • landed Marseilles, France in Jun 1916 as C.S.M 2464, 7th Coy, Australian Service Corps, AIF
      • promoted and commissioned in France as 2nd Lt. then Lt with 4th Division Supply Chain, AIF
      • arrived back in Melbourne in Dec 1918
      • Digby Avenue of Honour tree No 51, planted by Mr N R BURGESS

    5. Lyal Dilnot LAWTON b. 1886, Grassdale (near Digby), S-W Victoria, d. 1955, Adelaide, South Australia, m. Mary Ann MARSHALL, b. 1889 Edenhope, S-W Victoria, d. Adelaide, South Australia;

    6. Melinda Dora "Linda" LAWTON b. 1888 Grassdale (near Digby), S-W Victoria, d. 1989, Sydney, NSW, m. Hezekiah William "Bill" TAYLOR (brother of Donald below), b. 1879, Adelong, NSW, d. 1949, Sydney, NSW;

    7. Eileen Ellen LAWTON b. 1890 Grassdale (near Digby), S-W Victoria, d. 1991, Melbourne, Victoria. In the 1950s she was Vice Principal of Presbyterian Ladies College, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia;

    8. Christina Considine "Connie" LAWTON b. 1892, Grassdale (near Digby), S-W Victoria, d. 1970, Sydney, NSW, m. 1922 Holbrook, NSW to Donald Alexander TAYLOR (brother of Hezekiah above), b. 1891 Adelong, NSW, d. 1970, Sydney, NSW.

    9. Daisy May LAWTON b. 1894, Grassdale (near Digby), S-W Victoria, d. 1974, NSW, m. 1924. Melbourne, Victoria to William George Norman SHERWIN, b. 1893, Tocumwal, NSW, d. 1960, Jerilderie, NSW.

  5. Jasper WOOD 1818-1893 & Ann "Nancy" LAWTON (nee NESTOR) c.1813-1884

    Merino, S-W Victoria, Australia

    Ann LAWTON (nee NESTOR) married Jasper WOOD in Victoria in 1851 and had a daughter Mary Ann WOOD, b. c.1851, d. 1858.

    Jasper WOOD was b. c.1818 and died in Merino in 1894. He was a Saddler and Shoemaker and had a business in the main street of Merino.

    Ann WOOD (nee NESTOR) died in Merino in 1884 and her husband Jasper WOOD died in Merino in 1893. Both are buried in the Merino Cemetery.