Duncan McCALLUM 1823-1901
Flora McARTHUR 1833-1900

Ardno, Argyllshire, Scotland; Portland; "Ardno" Strathdownie, "Ardgarten" Digby; Merino, S-W Victoria, Australia

Duncan McCALLUM b. 1823, Ardno, Lochgilphead, Argyllshire (Arl), Scotland, son of Duncan McCALLUM & Catherine McCALLUM. He arrived at Port Phillip in 1842 with his cousin Edward McCALLUM (1804-1892) and they became squatters at Strathdownie in 1847 when they took over a portion of "Strathdownie" station from John Wood BEILBY.

Duncan McCALLUM was married in 1857 at Portland, Victoria to Flora McARTHUR, b. 1833, Argyllshire, Scotland, daughter of Duncan McARTHUR and Mary McLACHLAN.

Duncan McCALLUM was recorded as a Squatter of "Ardgarten" Station, near Digby at the time of his marriage. He also was involved with the Pastoral runs of "Ardno" and Arfno "East" at Strathdownie at the same time.

Flora McARTHUR appears to have arrived in Victoria in 1853 on the "Birman" along with Edward McCALLUM, Squatter from Stathdownie and his new wife Jessie McARTHUR. It appears that Edward McCALLUM had travelled back to Scotland where he married in 1853 before returning.

Duncan & Flora McCALLUM had a number of children at "Ardgarten" Station in the 1960s and 1870s.

They appear to have retired to "Sunny Brae" Merino where Flora died in 1900 and Duncan died the following year, and both are buried in the Merino cemetery.

Duncan McCALLUM & Flora McARTHUR had the following family:

  1. Duncan Malcolm McCALLUM, b. 1858, "Ardgarten" Digby, Vic, d. 1867, Hamilton, Vic.
  2. John Alexander McCALLUM, b. 1860, "Ardgarten" Digby, Vic, d. 1867, "Ardgarten" Digby, Vic.
  3. Catherine McCALLUM, b. ~1864, "Ardgarten" Digby, Vic, d. 1910, Portland, Vic.
  4. Florence Eleanor "Flora" McCALLUM, b. ~1866, "Ardgarten" Digby, Vic, d. 1936, Portland, Vic.
  5. Mary Margaret McCALLUM, b. ~1868, "Ardgarten" Digby, Vic, d. 1929, Melbourne, Vic.
  6. Archibald McARTHUR McCALLUM, b. ~1869, "Ardgarten" Digby, Vic, .................?
  7. Ethel Louisa McCALLUM, b. 1874, "Ardgarten" Digby, Vic, d. 1875, "Ardgarten" Digby, Vic.

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