George Frederick McCALMAN 1825-1894 & Isabella HEPBURN 1837-1894

Scotland, Dartmoor, Strathdownie, Lake Mundi, Tarpeena & Penola, Victoria & South Australia

George Frederick McCALMAN, b. 1825 Parish of Morven, Argyle, Scotland, son of Donald McCALMAN and Margaret CAMERON, was married in 1857 at Portland, Victoria to Isabella McINTYRE (nee HEPBURN), b. 1837, Parish of Kilmalie, Argyll, Scotland, daughter of James HEPBURN and Ann McKINNON. The marriage was peformed by the Rev. Dugald McCALMAN who was the first minister at Naracoorte in south-east South Australia and rode his horse to Portland for the marriage. Rev. Dugald McCALMAN who was a cousin of George Frederick McCALMAN, used to visit the pastoral stations in the Strathdownie area across the Victorian border from his Naracoorte area of operation.

George McCALMAN's first marriage was to Catherine McDONALD, daughter of Neil mcDONALD and they were married in 1845 in the parish of Kilmalie, Argyle, Scotland. It is reported they had 4 children prior to emigration to Australia under the Highland & Island Emigration Scheme. It appears these children must have died as infants as only George McCALMAN and his wife Catherine were listed on the "Derry Castle" which sailed from Liverpool, England on 1 Oct 1854 and arrived at Portland, Victoria on 21 Jan 1855. George was engaged on a station over the border in South Australia and it appears that his wife died on the journey at Strathdowine in 1855 where she was buried.

George McCALMAN, now a widower came back to the Portland area in 1856 and married a widow Isabella McINTYRE (nee HEPBURN) in 1857. It appears that Isabella HEPBURN, b. 1837, Kilmalie parish, Argyle married Angus McINTYRE in 1854 in the parish of Kilmalie, Argyle. It also appears that this couple was on the "Derry Castle" which arrived in Portland in Jan 1855. There is a death recorded in 1855 "at sea" for 23 year old Angus McINTYRE, son of Duncan McINTYRE and Catherine McLACHLAN as well as the birth and death of an 8 day old Agnes McINTYRE in Portland, Victoria to Angus McINTYRE and Isabella HEPBURN.

George Frederick McCALMAN and Isabella HEPBURN had the following family at Heywood, Dartmoor, Tarpeena, Penola and Lake Mundi in south-west Victoria and south-east South Australia from 1857 to 1880:

  1. Donald McCALMAN b. 1857, Heywood, Vic, m. Lucy Cecilia RYAN and they lived at Lake Mundi, west of Casterton;
  2. Annabella McCALMAN b. 1859, Dartmoor, Vic, m. James McGINTY and they lived at Lake Mundi and had a large family;
  3. James McCALMAN b. 1861, Dartmoor, Vic, m. Margaret Christine GILLIES, no children;
  4. Margaret McCALMAN b. 1863, Dartmoor, Vic, m. Thomas Hayford Lexinton FOSTER and they had a large family at Casterton;
  5. Georgina McCALMAN b. 1865, Tarpeena, SA, m. Samuel POTTS and they lived at Deniliquin, NSW and Sandford, Vic;
  6. Alexander McCALMAN b. 1866, Tarpeena, SA, m. Annie Elizabeth VINEN and they lived at Casterton where they had five children;
  7. Mary McCALMAN b. 1868, Tarpeena, SA, m. Alexander PATTERSON and they lived at Portland, Vic;
  8. Isabella McCALMAN b. 1870, Tarpeena, SA, m. John McADAM and they lived in South Australia;
  9. John Hugh McCALMAN b. 1873, Tarpeena, SA, m. Julia Ellen DRURY, no children;
  10. Jessie / Janet McCALMAN b. 1875, d. 1875, Penola, SA, m. ;
  11. Ellen McCALMAN b. 1876, Lake Mundi (Casterton), Vic, m. Kenneth McKenzie FERGUSON and they lived in the Casterton area;
  12. George Frederick McCALMAN b. 1880, Lake Mundi (Casterton), Vic, single, enlisted in WW1 but did not serve overseas;

Daryl Povey

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