Hugh McDERMOTT 1818-1878
Catherine MURCHISON 1821-1873

Isle of Skye, Scotland ; Branxholme, Digby & Hotspur, S-W Victoria, Australia

Hugh McDERMOTT b. 1818 Isle of Skye, Scotland, son of John McDERMOTT and Mary McSWEIN, married Catherine MURCHISON b. 1821 Isle of Skye, Scotland, d. 1873, "Ardgarton" Station, Digby, Vic. Catherine was the dau. of Neil MURCHISON & Elizabeth NICHOLSON.

Hugh & Catherine McDERMOTT who appear to have married at Duirinish on the Isle of Skye in 1843, emigrated from Scotland along with four children and arrived at Portland in 1854 on the "Edward Johnstone".

Hugh was engaged by Adam BEVERIDGE of "Roseneath" Station on the Glenelg River north of Casterton and then the family moved to the Branxholme, Digby, Hotspur area where additional children were born.

Hugh & Catherine McDERMOTT had the following children:

  1. Donald McDERMOTT b. c1845, Skye, Sct, d. 1867, Vic;

  2. Mary McDERMOTT b. 1848, Skye, Sct d. 1875, Vic., m. John GILLIES 1843-1922;

  3. John McDERMOTT b. 1850, Skye, Sct, d. 1879, Vic;

  4. Christina McDERMOTT b. 1852, Skye, Sct, d. 1870, Vic;

  5. Marion McDERMOTT b. 1854, Skye, Sct (possibly married ___ CAMERON) ............?;

  6. Mary McDERMOTT b. 1855, Branxholme, Vic, d. 1925, Winchelsea, Vic, m. Allan CAMERON 1820-1907;

  7. Neil McDERMOTT b. 1859, Branxholme, Vic, d. 1866, Vic;

  8. Sarah Catherine McDERMOTT b. 1860 Digby, Vic, d. 1920, Corowa, NSW, m. John Herbert BRINDLEY 1860-1946 (went to NSW);

  9. Annie McDERMOTT b. 1867 Branxholme, Vic, d. 1935, Hamilton, Vic, m. Robert Joseph HICKLETON 1862-1949;

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