Archibald McEACHERN 1820-1896
Mary McARTHUR ~1829-1861
Valentine Margaret Ann MORRISON 1843-1881

Scotland; Sydney; Strathdownie, Digby, Hotspur & Nelson, S-W Victoria, Australia

Archibald McEACHERN 1820-1896 was b. 1820 Morven, Argyllshire, Scotland, son of Hugh & Mary McEACHERN and arrived with family members on the "Btitish King" at Sydney, NSW in 1839. His 1896 onituary oulines some of his movements...

Obituary. DEATH OF AN OLD COLONIST.--Mr. Archibald MacEachern, who departed this life at his late residence, Funnary, Strathdownie West, on Thursday morning, was a very old colonist. He was born near Morven, Argyleshire, Scotland. At the age of 19 he migrated to New South Wales with his family, where he saw a good deal of the stirring times when bushranging was rampant throughout that colony. He stayed a few years in New South Wales, but eventually crossed over to Victoria and entered the employment of Messrs. T. & A. Chirnside, on whose behalf he selected Mount William station. Not long afterwards, in conjunction with his brothers, he devoted himself to squatting pursuits iu the Western District of Victoria, and at one time the MacEachern family owned the following valuable properties :--East and West Strathdownie, Heathfield, Kangaroo, Morven, and Knebsworth. For some years he conducted a butchering business in Portland, and afterwards started a drapery business, neither of which proved very successful. He was a staunch member of the Presbyterian Church, which he supported to the best of his ability. Deceased was twice married, and leaves four sons and one daughter to mourn his loss. Though in bad health for several years, Mr, MacEachern was only confined to his bed for a few weeks. The remains were interred in the Dartmoor Cemetery on Sunday afternoon, and the funeral was largely attended. The service was conducted by Mr. Werne. A number of beautiful wreaths, including one made of wild flowers, and supplied by intimate friends, were placed on the coffin. Mr. McEachern was in his 76th year.
"The Border Watch" (Mount Gambier, SA) Saturday, 29th August 1896.

Mary McARTHUR ~1829-1861 was b. ~1829 Strathlachan, Argyllshire, Scotland, daughter of Donald McARTHUR & Ann McCALLUM.

Archibald McEACHERN was married in 1853 at "Strathdownie East" station to Mary McARTHUR and they had four children from 1854-1859 before Mary McEACHERN died at "Strathdownie East" station in 1861 and was buried in the "Heathfield" station cemetery.

John McEACHERN & Annie McLEANhad the following children:

  1. Mary Margaret McEACHERN b. 1858 Casterton, Vic.............;

  2. Flora Ann McEACHERN b. 1859, "Strathdownie East Sation" d. 1938, Mount Gambier, m. Donald MATHESON 1846-1927;

  3. Hugh McEACHERN b. 1861 Strathdownie, Vic, d. 1940, Mount Gambier, SA, m. Annie McLEAN 1868-1962;

  4. Margaret Ann McEACHERN b. 1862 Casterton, Vic, d. 1865 "Knebsworth" McArthur, Vic.;

  5. Alexander McEACHERN b. 1864, ___, Vic, d, 1865, "Knebsworth" McArthur, Vic.;

  6. Mary Margaret Stewart McEACHERN b. 1867 Branxholme, Vic, d. 1949, Mount Gambier, SA, m. Andrew john William LINN 1873-1934;

  7. Alexander McLean McEACHERN b. 1868, "Rising Sun Hotel" Hotspur, Vic, d. 1945, Adelaide, SA, m. Catherine Jane McFARLANE 1870-1956 [of Hotspur, Nelson, Carapook, Port Fairy, Mount Gambier & Adelaide];

  8. Hannah McEACHERN b. 1870, "Rising Sun Hotel" Hotspur, Vic, d. 1896 Mount Gambier, SA;

  9. John Angus McEACHERN b. 1873, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1961, m. Dorothy KERR 1877-1945.

In the Digby Court of Petty Sessions, 26 Jun 1867, Lachlan McCLEAN of Hotspur applied for and was granted a transfer of his General Publican's Licence for the Crawford Inn at Hotspur to John McEACHERN.

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